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Slightly Legal

College Station, Texas, United States | SELF

College Station, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Country Rock


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"Slightly Legal Breaks Out"

When junior mechanical engineering major Collin Kleypas and junior construction science major Adam Sonntag experimented as an acoustic duo in high school, they never dreamed they would record a full-length Texas Country album a few years later at Texas A&M.

It was not by coincidence Kleypas met drummer Oz Cantu at Fish Camp in 2007, where they decided to pursue a band. Two years later, the three musicians began practicing in the spare bedroom of a friend’s apartment and deemed themselves “Slightly Legal.”

By August 2009, the threesome had added to the mix lead guitarists Matt Panariello, a senior chemical engineering major, and Ryan Bretschneider, a junior mechanical engineering major, deciding they were ready to pursue music full-time.

Slightly Legal characterizes music as a conglomeration of country, funk and Southern rock, with some punk mixed in, but they said they are not a run-of-the-mill Texas country band.
Singer and guitarist Kleypas said Casey Donahew Band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Reckless Kelly and No Justice influence the members musically.

“We are on the fast track to becoming the next big Texas country band out of Aggieland; following the footsteps of Robert Earl Keen, Roger Creager and Rich O’Toole. We have gotten a lot of compliments on our music so far, the major one being a call from Rich O’Toole to open for his show Jan. 20 at Hurricane Harry’s,” Kleypas said. “Without even having a house party under our belts, we jumped into the deep end right off the bat playing the biggest music venue in College Station.”

The group encountered a rocky road on the way to recording the six-song album, struggling to balance being full-time students, maintaining jobs and attending regular band practices, while making whirlwind weekend trips to Wonderland Studios in Austin.

“We are all about having a good time. Built with a mentality of being unconventional in our musical style, we seem to please a wide variety of listeners. Being a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Randy Rogers Band and Johnny Cash, I work to bring a mix of those into the band,” bassist and keyboardist Sonntag said. “As a member of Slightly Legal, I’m stoked about the real lyrics and authentic tunes we bring to the table.”

They said there is something for everyone on their record — tales of love and romance such as “Lost in Love” and upbeat tunes about the joy of life such as “Texas Highway” and “Man I Wanna Be.” Slightly Legal offers tunes about cheap drinks and hanging out with friends in “Damn Good Story to Tell” and “Keystone Keys.”

Kleypas said after a Randy Rogers concert three years ago, he made a U-turn at an intersection, simultaneously “cutting off” other drivers. Sonntag asked his friend, “Was that legal?” Kleypas said, “Slightly,” and their name was born.

In 2010, the frontman said they find themselves promoting the album to fellow students in hopes of becoming the next Texas country sensation from Aggieland.

“The CDs are at production and should be done in about three weeks and on iTunes in about five. Our songs can be purchased off our Web site now for people that want them,” Kleypas said.

The country ensemble is optimistic about their future in country music.

“I think the most fun and rewarding thing about this whole ride is the songwriting,” said Cantu, a junior communication major. “It’s so crazy seeing a song grow from just scribbled words on a napkin to a professional radio worthy piece of art on a CD.”

Slightly Legal will have a CD release party April 23 at Shotzi’s. Their music can be accessed at

- Texas A&M Battalion


Slightly Legal EP:
Physical release April 23, 2010
iTunes release June 1, 2010



Collin Kleypas - Frontman: “We take a shotgun approach to our music, make sure to have something there for everyone."

Oz Cantu - Drummer: "We strive to be diverse in our music so not to be classified as another one dimensional band.”

Tim Casterline - Producer: “Their music is catchy and finds a way to stick with the listener”

Slightly Legal is made up of a group of all Texas A&M students with one goal in mind: make unique Texas music people can relate to and enjoy. With positive reviews from numerous fans and others respected in the Texas music business, such as: Randy Rogers Band, Casey Donahew Band, Rich O’Toole, and Mark Mckinney this group has a strong start. With a large musical background spanning all genres of music Slightly Legal has a unique mix of sounds. S.L. has been described as a mixture of Texas Country, Southern rock, funk, and even punk music. The lyrics by Kleypas and the musical talent of the rest of S.L. makes every song different and musically Dynamic. S.L. is striving to be a band anyone can listen to and appreciate the music, and not just your ordinary textbook “Texas Country” band. With songs that relate to the every day life of college age individuals the songs have received very positive approval from those that have heard them. The new slightly legal EP has it all with songs about living and loving life (Man I Wanna Be, Texas Highway), partying with good friends and cheap "drinks" (Damn Good Story to Tell, Keystone Keys), or just a little bit of romance to make things interesting (Forever Girl, Lost in Love) there is a song for you.

The band is now working to switch gears from the studio to playing live shows with hopes of radio air play and gaining a solid fan base. Jumping right out of the storage unit and into it the limelight, the band played their first live show ever at the biggest music venue in College Station, Hurricane Harry’s, when they opened for Rich O’Toole January 20. Slightly Legal is working for their chance to follow in the footsteps of Robert Earl Keen, Roger Creager, and Rich O’Toole and be the next great Texas band out of Aggieland.

Behind The Name:

Kleypas and Sonntag had been searching for a name and after a Randy Rogers concert in Waco, TX on April 6, 2007 they stumbled across 'Slightly Legal'. Kleypas was leaving and made a "U" turn in an intersection, cutting a few people off in the process. Sonntag asked "Was that legal?" Kleypas replied, "Slightly."