Slight Of Hand

Slight Of Hand


Small Town Band; Big Time Sound. Slight Of Hand is a 4 peice act who's versatility enables them to deliver a unique blend of alternative, blues, classic rock, and funk music.


Slight of Hand is rocking hard with their first independent release, "Stay Tuned". One of the featured tracks from the EP, 'St. Patrick's Day Blues' was written on St. Patrick's Day 2006 and recorded by the band on the song's one year anniversarry at DNA Recording Facilities where they cut the disc, and filmed scences for their 'No Dice' music video.
What sets this band apart from others is that they have never relied on cover music to capture thier audience. In 2006, Slight of Hand won a summer long battle of the bands tournanment in the city of Vaughn without performing cover songs. The Band was founded in 2002 by Matt Masters and John Attard. They were quickly joined by Mike Attard on drums. One particular jam session their was a banging on the garage door. Fearful of police, the noise was brought to a stop. The door was opened. It wasn't the cops at all. It was Steve Stoehr. Standing in the driveway with his guitar and amp in his hands, he greeted us and asked if he could jam. As Steve began to display his ability to sing a make melodies it was apparent that the last peice of the puzzle was in place.


Independeant Release:
"Stay Tuned" - Slight of Hand

Streaming on MySpace:

'No Dice'
'Burning A Hole'

Set List

This is a typical set list with a quick break about half way through. The set length usually runs upwards of two and a half hours.

Oringinal Tunes:

Watch The Clock
Going The Way Of The Dodo
The Consequence
Bleeding Easy
New Leaf
The Wiser
Still I Wonder (When You'll Come Around)
Moped Journies
Hey, Brother
St. Patrick's Day Blues
Made The Same
These Days
Burning A Hole
Coming Clean
The Reckoning
Agaisnt The Grain
No Dice

Covers- Slight of Hand rarely plays more than 1 cover through a full night of music and if you are at a show and we do play a cover it might be one of these:

Dear Mr. Fantasy - Traffic
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town - Pearl Jam
Plush - STP
Creep - STP
Running Down A Dream - Tom Petty
I Could Have Lied - Chilli Peppers
Fiddler's Green - Tragically Hip
Are You Gunna Be My Girl - Jet
Today - Smashing Pumpkins
Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground
Apparitions- Mattew Good Band
Beer - Reel Big Fish