Slim Dixon

Slim Dixon


Slim Dixon has a little bit to offer to everyone. Whether it be Rock, Pop, Blues, Dance, etc.; the music will always keep you on your feet. It ranges from catchy choruses to eloquent verses, melodic Piano to hard driven guitar, 3 part harmonies to chanting breakdowns. The list goes on.


SLiM DiXON was birthed from the loins of groups based from Seattle, WA and Columbia, MO. These Dislocated members adjoined on the west side of Chicago, IL in the fall of 2007. Fans have compared them to such groups as: Modest Mouse, The Animals, Weezer, and The Unicorns. Slim Dixon has played some of the biggest clubs in Chicago, as well as neighborhood bars and underground venues. The band has toured and supported their first album with radio shows, as well as gigs ranging from burlesque show parties to headlining performances throughout the Midwest. With a much anticipated sophomore release due in the summer of 2009 and a visual Rock Opera in production, the group undoubtedly cements itself as a fixture in Midwest indie pop.


2008 "Precious Blood" (Full lenth Debut CD)
2008 "Every Paycheck" (featured on Fealess Radio)

Set List

Usually 10-15 original songs with an occasional cover. Normal set is usually 30 to 45 minutes, but we have enough material to cover up to an hour and a half.
Set list (in no particular order):
-Freeze Tagg
-Small Hands
-Battlescar Waltz
-All Inn
-It takes a little time
-Lord Hallelujah
-Every Paycheck
-Liner in D
-Rattler, On a July Afternoon
-Jackie and the Inevitable Fate
-Ride With the Beast
-Curtis' Brother
-Wipe Out
-Life and Death