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Block Scholars

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
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Hip Hop that reaches and teaches with an old school feel.


Block Scholars is the indie Hip Hop musical collaboration between NOBULL (Bennett Baskerville; Bronx, NY) and Slimdog of Slimdog Productions (David Bell Jr.; Akron, OH), with the pair rapping their way through some of the freshest Hip Hop beats around. Originally a three-piece featuring 2mental (Nathan Andreas; Philadelphia, PA), the group first met each other through Myspace and mutual friends in 2005. Home now in Colorado Springs, CO, the rap act is heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of music ranging from Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Madlib, Dr. Dre, Pharrell and Prince to even Jazz, Opera, Rock and Classical music. They are also considered a triple threat because collectively they can write high quality lyrics, produce and perform their own music.

Block Scholars won the 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Rap/Hip Hop Song Of The Year with "All My Life ft. 2mental", received the 2010 "Excellence In Songwriting" Award from The 18th Annual Billboard/Starmaker 360 Worldwide Song Contest for placing in 3rd out of 1000s of entries in the Rap/Hip Hop genre, plus being finalists for (R&B/Hip Hop) and semi-finalists (Unsigned Only) categories in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition for the song "Time Machine", both of these contests known for being the two of the best songwriting competitions in the world, were one of three 2011 grand prize winners of Patron XO Cafe's Music Project, with the winners getting sponsorship prizes from Patron XO Cafe with judges from SPIN Magazine & RCRD LBL, a free mp3 music download blogsite featuring emerging artists. Block Scholars were nominated for Best Hip Hop Artist/Song from Hollywood Music In Media in September 2012, July 2010 & January 2011 for the songs,"Time Machine", "Flossin'", "This Is For My People (The Rhythm Of A Scholar)" respectively & Slimdog Productions for 2012 Best Contemporary Orchestral/Instrumental, selected as one of the Next 1000 artists to watch for in 2009 by URB Magazine, and were named the 2009 KIAC Open Songs Competition Winner in Hip Hop for their track, "Livin In Tha Jungle ft. 2mental". They also have received the "2013 & 2014 Semi-Finalist Award" & 2013 Collective Works Honor from in 2009 for high scores on multiple works in that contest.


This Is For My People (The Rhythm Of A Scholar)

Written By: Bennett Baskerville III Music: David Bell Jr.

Yo, it's NOBULL. This one goes out to everybody man, anybody going through something man...Anybody in the struggle man. Anybody stressin'. Ya' know what I mean? This one's for you baby. Hold your head up man. Just hold your head up man.

(CHORUS) This is for my people all around the world, trying to get what they deserve. You don't need no haters in your circle, so kick them to the curb. And this is for my people in the struggle, working that 9 to 5, keep hustlin' for that money baby, because you will survive...

(VERSE) Yo, what's goin' on baby? I done been through the struggle, been through the pain, I'm still trying to bubble. Yo, when I was in trouble, I had to bow down and pray to The Lord, I was living by the sword.

Thank God that He made me a better man, I got kids so I gotta find a better plan, I travelled this country like a Bedouin until I found "Slim", now you know we gotta win. Hey yo, I done came so far, came across alot of people whose souls were scarred, so I know I'm not alone in this constant fight, in a world where nobody understands our plight. We got a war on terror, but at the same time, we got killers in the hood dedicated to crime. So I gotta ask where's our priorities or maybe they don't care about minorities. But anyway, I wanna believe that there is a better future, a world where the police won't shoot you down like Shawn Bell, a day before your wedding and I hope it never happens again, that's word reverend...

Yo these streets of America, they swallow madd blood. Go on, play madd thug, get your toes tagged up. Yo, this is real life sonny not a game or a video. You gotta get it how you live in the city yo...

(CHORUS) This is for my people all around the world, trying to get what they deserve. You don't need no haters in your circle, so kick them to the curb. And this is for my people in the struggle, working that 9 to 5, keep hustlin' for that paper baby, because you will survive...

(VERSE) Yo, alot of people think that money is the answer, but materialism is like a cancer...Yo, the jewels, clothes, cars got my people living behind the penitentary walls...
I worship God and not platinum, you got the nerve to call that garbage rappin'? You sound like school children yappin'...And that's why you'll never make it happen.

You understand, be your own man. Trendsetter. Formulate your own plan. Yo, never let them tell you what you can and cannot do and if they keep pushin' you that's when you turn hostile. Yo, rap apostle droppin' rhymes like a gospel for them street cats blowin smoke through they nostrils...

Bop your head to this revolutionary flow that runs deeper than money and clothes...

(BRIDGE) You haters cannot stop us now. Our mind is just too deep for you. We came to bring that real Hip Hop and that's just what we're gonna do. (REPEAT)

This is for my people all around the world, trying to get what they deserve. We don't need no haters in our circle, so kick them to the curb. This is for my people in the struggle, working that 9 to 5, keep hustlin' for that money baby, because you will survive...

(CHORUS) Yo,this is for my people all around the world, trying to get what they deserve. You don't need no haters in your circle, so kick them to the curb. This is for my people in the struggle, working that 9 to 5, just keep on hustlin' for that paper, because you will survive...

(VERSE) Yo, I done dealt with the killers, dealt with the thugs, dealt with the haters that never show love...Yo, I done dealt with the dealers that sell madd drugs, and the game never changes and that's madd bugged...Yo, it's all about self, it's all about wealth, but me, I concentrate on music and health...

I'm trying to weather the storm and elevate my mind. So you fake rappers can't take my place or walk in my shoes or feel what I feel, one of the realest MCs that ain't got a deal. But I know one day sunshine will appear, so I'm gonna hold it down, never surrender to the fears of this world. 'Cause I know it's just a juggling act and it's a fact that you rappers are wack. Who's bringing it back? That cat from the Pikes Peak Region, representin' for that Block Scholar Legion...NOBULL...Slimdog...Smooth one man. Really got to thinking on this one man. Time to bring this real Hip Hop back. Time to step it up. Time to step it up a notch. Let's bring it up a notch. CO (Colorado). BX(Bronx). Stand up. I'm up outta here man. One hundred...

Time Machine

Written By: Bennett Baskerville III

(CHORUS) If you had a time machine, what would you do? Would you still smoke blunts, would you chill with your crew? Would you still wanna grind? Still do the crime? If you could turn back the hands of time? Tell me... (REPEAT)

(VERSE) If I had a time machine, what the fuck would I do? I would of listened to my pops and took my stupid ass to school. I would of probably listened to Gary and stayed in church and it would of probably spared me from this life full of hurt. Would of probably been a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher, not wastin' time with my niggas blowin' reefer. I'm sorry Latifa, please Lord reach us, I'm addicted to the fast cars with the fast features.
And the fast money, if you like me then you grew up madd bummy with pains in your tummy. At 25, I probably would of drunk my last beer, wouldn't of lost my unborn daughter that year...
Would of never seen a jail cell, never seen Iraq, man travellin' in this desert with this weapon on my back. Me, ask Madison we was fuckin' with them tracks, but at the same time, we was fuckin' with them cracks...

(CHORUS) If you had a time machine, what would you do? Would you still smoke blunts, would you chill with your crew? Would you still wanna grind? Still do the crime? If you could turn back the hands of time? Tell me... (REPEAT)

(VERSE) If you had a time machine...Would you hit that lick? Would you hit that bitch? Would you spit that clip? Would you flip that brick, so you could flip that whip? Would you still smoke crack or inject that shit? Would you bring back a homie that you lost in the game? Or a relative you love if you had the chance mane? If you had a time machine...yo, would you be a better father? 'Cause nowadays, most of these niggas don't even bother. If you had a time machine...yo, would be a better man? And if they didn't know, would you make them understand? Could you, would you still go outta town with that U-haul van? With the contraband, man that's how you got jammed. If you had a time machine...yo, would you change your regrets? Would you still claim a set or move [co]'caine in the [pro]'jects? And the love in your life, would you break they heart? If you could travel back in time and have a brand new start?

2Mental of Block Scholars - Tell Me Why ft. Trinity i

Written By: Lyrics: Nathan Andreas,Music: David Bell Jr.,Chorus: Sara Illig, Chorus: Sara Illig

Poem by Nathan Andreas:

-To see ones face behind a reach of a touch, this is only a dream replaced by a fantasy, a rush. A sky of color, shaded sky with blue, together we're brothers...together we're true...

I only exist in memory, and nothing more, the spirit die with me and I forever no more.

If you can feel this pain, I will share with you, my heart. The breath of shadow has no name, together, we part. Stimulate my soul, for you have never loved me. I walk in the darkest hole, and place The Lord above me. (Yeah)

(CHORUS): I, go deeper, inside. I, go deeper,deeper inside. Oh I, look higher, deeper inside. I, go deeper, inside...

(VERSE): Tell me why does it feel like I'm living just to die? Disconnected from the truth when society cries. In my youth, go to bed, pray to God at night. Maybe one day, everything will be fine. But for now homie, time to soldier up and ride. Been around the world knowing everything takes time. Hoping I can take away all the pain I feel inside. Tell me why do we always seem to cheat and lie?

Felt the pressure of the world wasting on my back, never give in, tell my girl that I love her back. Be my last breath, so I better make it last. Living life on the fast lane, afraid of my past. Pick up my fears, be a man, have the strength to pass. Maybe they can understand where we all at. But for now, my plan is merely laughed at, thinking, "Damn. Maybe I can take it back".


(VERSE): No one cares anymore. Children die on the streets, with no food in their stomach, ain't got nothing to eat. I wonder why, they bust it back at the police? It ain't right, but that's the way it gotta be. How many soldiers overseas die everyday? Tell me why, is it so hard to walk away? Centuries of war and every generation plays. Wonder what for, is it 'cause we young in our age?

And now I understand how the world works, an emptiness so deep, gotta take it by force. Another dream tossed up, tell me what could be worse? Almost hurts knowing all my people living in fear. Went from a blessing to a curse, now I look in the mirror; can't recognize my face, but everything is clear. Gotta do what it takes before I disappear, never hesitate, my pace is flowing with the air brotha!


(VERSE): And everyday, my mission for the thoughts that stray, can't believe that my people keep on losing faith, I know it's hard but you gotta give it time and wait, after every dark night there's a brighter day... So in deep inside know I am bound to break, if look into my soul, then I found my place. Tell me Lord, do You know what it is like to feel hate, at the crossroads hoping I can pave a way? Walking lonely down the road, no one's got to say, "You can see it in your eyes when I'm walking away". Just a vibe begin where people have faith, never worry, tell me why everybody's gotta die?
Before I take a breath, I was ready to ride, revolutionary thoughts and a spiritual mind.
Gotcha back dawg, give it up to "Rhyme Divine", if it wasn't for my crew, I'd be dead or dying. If they only knew, that my heart is cryin', tryin' to find a better way when you're walking blind. A blind man, in the depths of another time...And if I'm feeling depressed, and I can write my rhymes (Kinda Crazy).

But maybe I can let the world know, that I am feeling your pain no matter where you go. Some things will never change 'til you let it go. Across the globe, I'm determined to reach my own goal. Everybody's got a story to tell, here it goes;

"A man with a warm heart, that went cold".

Do the math homie. I ain't gotta tell you no more. Forever the loneliest game 'til I'm trapped and cold. And that's real.




2011: Block Scholars

- "Lyrical Extermination" by Block Scholars from their upcoming album, "From Zero To Hero", is on Australia based Valleyarm Digital Music Distribution's, "Absolute Hip Hop" Compilation CD featuring the best Hip Hop from all over the world. Coming soon in 2011, the cd will be for sale on iTunes worldwide.

- "This Is For My People (The Rhythm Of A Scholar)", from the upcoming Block Scholars album "From Zero To Hero", is on Valleyarm Digital Music Distribution MIDEM 2011 Complilation CD to be distributed to top industry "movers and shakers" at the 2011 MIDEM Conference in Cannes, France and is on iTunes for sale worldwide. Also January's 2011 Hollywood Music In Media's
Nominee for Rap/Hip Hop.

2010: Block Scholars:

- "Weather The Storm" on sale at & Uplaya Records in Spring 2010.

2009: Slimdog Productions

- "Crunk It Up Man!!!"(2004) in NBC/Universal Sports Television Library

2007: Def Jam's DJ DMA & Shadyville DJs
DJ DOMINATION present: Coast 2
Coast: Instrumentals Vol 1.
-MOS Definitely (2006)

2007: Sprite's: "NBA Freeflow on B.E.T." 2/13/07
-2 to da 3 (2007)

2006: Slimdog has 5 songs in the score of documentary film , "Mixtape Inc., The Movie" by Cando
Entertainment and Pixel Propaganda:
-Hateradez Beat (2004)
-Bubba's Beat (2005)
-The Westside Rattle(2005)
-Tripped Hopped (2006)
-Xtra Tight (2006)

The Unknownn: The Unknownn by Darkstone Ltd. (UK)
-The Unknownn's "Raw" Slimdog Remix ft. 2mental of The M7
Movement (2006)
-The Unknownn's "Raw" Remix (2006)
-The Unknownn's "Duplicituous Too" Slimdog Remix (2006)

Set List

Sets can last as long as the venue wants. We have about 6 albums worth of material...Really. No Covers, all original music. Can and will do "CLEAN SETS" if needed...