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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Nice! Very beautiful sound."

"Nice! Very beautiful sound. Very much enjoyed by this listener. I really like the bass. Vocals are very good too. Nice harmony. The slide guitar is a nice touch and I always love a song that breaks down at some point and yours does. Very skillful band! Good Luck!"
- The New Gazoonies
Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada
March 10th, 2005
- The New Gazoonies

"Seven seconds in and I'm hooked."

"Seven seconds in and I'm hooked. Right off the bat I like the sound a great deal. Vocals are strong. Guitar sound is awesome, drums are mixed perfectly. Performance is tight. Melody is good. Radio friendly. I like this a lot. I'd like to hear more. Good job, band!
- Matthew Sturm
Fort Wayne, Indiana
March 10th, 2005
- Matthew Sturm


"Smooth. I like this... it's got a nice soothing sound and still manages to be interesting and engaging. The singer's got a great voice. Unique. Nice work."
- Shudder Rock
March 9th, 2005
- Shudder Rock

"This is a solid rock and roll machine."

"Great Performance! This is a solid rock and roll machine. Professional and right to the point. Very nice chorus."
- The Superb Owl
Anytown, Illinois
March 1st, 2005
- The Superb Owl

"What can I say, pro and soulful."

"What can I say, pro and soulful. Great guitar work, gorgeous chords and harmonies. The vocals are excellent. Great hooks and arrangements."
- Heathrow Post
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
February 24th, 2005
- Heathrow Post

"What a great sound; very stylish and rich."

"Fantastic song! What a great sound; very stylish and rich. Beautifully played and produced. The lead vocal has such a warm tone and the singer handles the complex chords with ease. The arrangement is like the rest of the track, flawless. Shades of Steely Dan during the verse moving into Earth, Wind and Fire in the catchy chorus. Overall a feel good classic
with a rich warmth and some exceptional musicianship."
- Steve Morris
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
March 15th, 2005
- Steve Morris

"Very good performance with a top notch sound."

"An interesting mix between the alt rock of the 90's and the alt rock of today."
- Alex Mason
Dallas, Texas
February 23rd, 2005

"I really like the vocals, very distinct. Very good performance with a top notch sound."
- Henry Fis
Dallas, Texas
March 1st, 2005
- Henry Fis

"Raw and powerful!"

"Raw and powerful! Very anthem like tunes."
- Chaz Hall
Sunbury, Pennsylvania
March 3rd, 2005

"As good as it gets. Feel good music."
- James Dunbar
Aboyne, Scotland, United Kingdom
March 2nd, 2005
- Chaz Hall


"Engaging! I like it. Original lyrics. The Choruses are like a kick in the balls. Its great!"
- Hazle Hearst
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
March 1st, 2005

"Catchy songs. I really like the guitar hooks. Production is right on. This is the kind of band that i would like to see live. The vocals reminded me a little bit of Evan Dando."
- Greenlawn Abbey
Columbus, Ohio
February 20th, 2005

"Cool band! Great guitar hooks, smooth vocal lines. I really dug the vocal harmonies."
- Script Music
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
February 19th, 2005 - Hazle Hearst


On With The Show
Love Life
Everything Is Just Perfect
Slim Francis
Breakdown Inc.

Slim Francis has received airplay across the nation.
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Slim Francis is a soul infused rock outfit from New York City whose arching melodies and intricate textures recall the legendary artists of the seventies. The Brooklyn based band is led by Aric Carroll, an extraordinary songwriter, whose eclectic guitar stylings and improvisational vocals tell haunting tales of life and love in the big city. Laying down the beat is the renowned drummer Matt Johnson, a founding member of Jeff Buckley's band, who has played with esteemed artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Ricki Lee Jones, Duncan Sheik, Beth Orton and John Mayer. A major player in the development of their sound is Steve Brown, original bassist and multi-instrumentalist who has lent his talents on all of their recordings before heading to the West Coast. His performance and arranging skills can be heard on the latest record On With The Show. Most recently Steve has collaborated with grammy nominated producer and engineer, Jay Bennet, from the band Wilco, performing on the violin and upright bass.

The music takes its cue from such diverse influences as Van Morrison, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, and Thin Lizzy, creating a unique contemporary sound experience. A graduate of the University of Miami School of Music, Aric dishes out expressive compelling performances with intoxicating vocal harmonies in an evolutionary and unpretentious way. Slim Francis has been captivating audiences live with its dynamic charm up and down the Eastern Seaboard and has left it's NYC fans clamoring for more.

The band has been spreading their roots rock for nearly five years producing four fabulous albums. Their debut EP entitled "Breakdown Inc., Ltd. Edition" showed off their hard hitting straight forward rock and roll approach to music. Bringing in elements of the country vibe in which it was recorded, their following CD and first full length album,"Slim Francis" mixes minimalist production with an "Astral Weeks" inflection. This album in particular pays homage to the stylings of Van Morrison in a contemporary fashion. Their most recent album, "Everything Is Just Perfect" takes American Rock into the next stratosphere. The albums lushness is owed to elaborate string and horn arrangements that enhances the bands unique sound.

In 2005 they released two albums, On With The Show, a full-on rock n' roll extravaganza replete with pop hooks, angst, and soul tunes, along with Love Life, a melancholy acoustic tribute. On With The Show features some very talented special guests. Joan Wasser, a New York City favorite, lends her beautiful voice, violin and wurlitzer skills on "September Soul", a nouveau-soul tune which adds a classic 70's gloss to the record. John Cougar Mellencamp back-up singer, Courtney Kaiser, also lends her talents on three tunes, "You Can Make A Man", "Sail Away", and the soul-inspired "Rise and Fall."