Slim G

Slim G

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

Energetic ,Inspirational, Motivated , Aggressive , Stylish , Rebellious, Party / Celebratory , Boisterous , Confident , Witty , Reflective ,Gangsta , Bravado, Proactive , Intense, Swaggering , Gritty , Harsh


Born September 9, 1986 in Houston Texas from a hood called trinity garden life was not easy for me. My mom died when i was 5 and dad died when i was 6 about the time i first started rapping, it seemed like when i rapped it helped release my anger that i had built inside. The environment i was brought up in and live in is partially what my music is about. I have accomplished 2 albums currently i am working on my third, i have sold over 10,000 units in Texas from stores and grinding in the streets. Have done plenty of shows and have more music to offer. I truly believe God has given me a gift of touching others with my music. I make music to help people get through the daily struggles in life that we go through every day I know i am here for a reason. Numerous people have dub me one of the best new artist from the Houston area ... i'm just blessed to be consider one of those ...


2006 History in the Making (mixtape)

2008 Grind Time (mixtape)

2010 Money Motivated

2010 Donkey Wit It (single)

Set List

3 to 4 songs set lasts about 15 min ... Introduction to Crowd for 1 min then I get straight to the song in between songs I do a little bit of crowd control.