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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B





D Slim - Interview w/ February 2009

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

(TooKnown)1. Let's start of by letting the people know who you are, and where u represent??
(D Slim)What’s the deal? It’s Ya boy D Slim CEO/Artist of Vizion Entertainment/A.G.B Muzik straight out that D*Town Dallas, TX.

2. How did you get into the rap game??
Back in '01/02, I think I was 19 at the time. I was at this club Jamie’s Rhythms’ freestylin’ in the crowd and the CEO of Grifter Records heard me and invited me over to the studio. The next morning he had his producer and one of the artist come get me from the crib. So they took me to the studio and I recorded my first record with them, and from then on I got more and more involved. I ended up doing like 4 albums with them which one of them was chopped and slowed down by DJ Michael Watts of the Swisha House. After a while, I guess I realized my worth or whatever and parted ways to do my own thing. I saw the number of opportunities to make a living off this music, so I had to learn the business a bit. Now I got Vizion Entertainment/ A.G.B. Muzik and the rest is history.

3. What's your inspiration?? How long you been doin your thing??
Man I been spittin since I was nine. Back in High School, me and a 3 of my potnas had this group called F.C. (Fatal Collision). We use to record and slang our tapes at the school and around the hood all the time. Back then we was doing it real, it was for the love of the music. We we’re the first cats round our neighborhood to really put music out there for others to hear it, and freestyle whenever and wherever. Shout out to my boy Slicc Ronson, he been there with me since like '96.As far as inspiration, Imma music fan first, and I’m real big on lyricism and content. So when I listen for muzik other than my own that’s what I look for. You gotta be talking bout something to get my attention fareal.

4. How did you receive or create your name??
Everybody has been calling me Slim from jump. I’ve always been a lil skinny cat ya feel me. My first name is Daniel and some people use to call me D to so I just started telling people my name was D Slim and it just stuck.

5. Got any new singles or mixtapes out at the moment??
Currently I got the first official mixtape 'GRIND SEASON' out in the streets right now. We bout to have it up online in a hot min.It features me and my other two artist DBoy and MD. Shout out to that boy Jack Frost for mixing that up for us. DBoy just dropped his mixtape "The Throwdest'.Its in the streets right now as well. Were in the process of picking a single now, we got the album coming this summer, so yall be looking out for that.

6. Where you’re from is there any competition?? As in who is on top of the city?? Who's in first??
Right now man, imma be perfectly honest. The muzik seen in the D, man I'm not to happy about it. We got a couple cats out here trying to make some noise but they’re NOT giving the world the real D Town, TX. The shit they play on the Radio down here is kind of redundant; nobody’s doing them they doing what another city or Artist are doing. The real cats, that got that real DTown flavor, aren’t really getting the airplay from the Radio Stations. The only one is Big Chief and he been doing his thing for years and they just now really giving the man his just do. Other than him u got Gator Main, it’s a dude name K Rock (not the DJ the original K Rock 'The Rockla') that’s a beast. Tuck is nice, my boy D.T, Ricochet, CPone, I really can’t just say who is number one, cuz in my opinion aint nobody really impress me much besides the folk I just mentioned. It’s a lot of cats in the D that go hard, but the “ringtone rappers” and this "Imma make a dance song cuz so and so doin’ it' attitude” is tainting the music seen down here. That’s not what we’re about in D Town, that not the Real D Town. Me and my squad about to change all that in 09.Watch what I tell you.

7. If you do shows where do you perform at?? If you don't where do you want to perform in the future??
I haven’t done any shows here recently. We’re currently, in the process of pulling everything together to promote for this album. So look out for us real soon, wherever we can showcase our talent we’re there.

8. As of right now where do you record at?? Where do you want to record at??
Right now I record at AGB Studios. That’s we’re we record and mix everything.

9. For the year of '09 what you got coming up??
Man we got a hell of a year coming up. We got the Ryda Muzik Mixtape, The AGB Album, "Against All Odds". I got my Album and mixtape coming soon entitled "The Formula". The mixtape is up for free download on myspace right now. I got a couple new artists I’m going introduce to yall this yr to. We got some big things planned for the 09.Its time D Town Shine the right way, ya feel me. We bout to Double up on Grind Season to, so be on the lookout for that.

10. Any last words or shoutouts??
Yea man I just want to say its Two Thousand Grind, and I'm on. It’s gone be an Allstate Grind Boy Year fasho. I gotta say what’s happenin to all my folk out the D. All the folk that support what I do, and that’s been down from day one, my big homie Slicc Ronson, S.G, FMB, and the whole Mobbstar crew. Of course my whole crew, DBoy, Willean, MD, J Bell, Young Dallaz, and the whole Vizion Entertainment/AGB MUZIK staff. Everybody over there at Big Wheel, Grifter, my potna Yung Stet of the Dream Team. Make sure yall hit us up at, at my muzik page my artist Willean page Freestyles and exclusive album cuts on each page, DTown stay down

"East Coast Block Starz by Block Starz Muzik"

Mansion T.U.T.T.'s "Been Hustla, Been Gangsta," starts the compilation and is welcoming. He collaborates with Oschino and D-Slim as they each furiously flow over a cataclysmic beat unloading the harsh realities of the gangster mentality. - The Examiner


Solo Projects 
Dollaz N Sense (Mixtape)
The Genesis Project (Album)
The Process Mixtape Series (Winter 2016)
Realigion EP (COMING SOON)

Featured Projects 
Fatal Collision- Dallas After Dark 
Inside 635 Compilation-Grifter Records 
Inside Loop 12 Competion-Grifter Records
Leaving Industrial-Grifter Records 
Grind Season Mixtape- AGB Muzik Group
The Connect Vol 1 Mixtape Hosted by Freeway Rickey Ross
The Connect Vol 2 Mixtape Hosted by Silkk The Shocker
East Coast Block Starz Compilation Hosted by Dj Clinton Sparks
M-EYE-C- Cotton Stacks to Cadillacs 
Silent But Deadly 2 Mixtape Hosted by DjInfamous 



D Slim, often referred to as Slim Johnson is far from your typical rapper. Born in the south-west inner city of Dallas, Tx, Slim has a natural ability to bring words to life when coupled with quality production and keep the attention of whoever chooses to listen. In 2001 he was approached to be an Artist with Texas based Indy label Grifter Records, and soon began working along side Grammy Award Winning Producer Jah Born, who's responsible for Erykah Badu's "On and On". He recorded and released his first Single "Untouchable" which went on to be featured on the labels first release "Inside 635", a compilation featuring Artist from the label along with multiple releases to follow. During his tenure at Grifter he managed to open up for Swisha-house, Lil Flip, Lil Troy, and a host of other Artists. Eager to learn more about the business side of things, Slim took a backseat to music to attend Full Sail University and attain a Bachelors in Music Business. With the Digital wave and technology taking over the music industry, instead of signing to another label he started his own imprint SInce82Entertainment with close friend Willean. After a brief hiatus from the music scene, D Slim hit the streets with his first project "Dollaz n Sense" under his own imprint. He managed to Align himself with producer Zukan Bey (Jim Jones "Ballin" ) and Philly Artists Mansion TUTT, and Oschino Vasquez(State Property) for the street cut "Been Hustlin Been Gangsta", which was featured on his album as well as East Coast Block Starz Compilation project hosted by Dj Clint Sparks. After a few group efforts and attempts to build a stable of Artist within his label fell short, D Slim decided to focus more on himself and soon began recording "The Genesis Project". He released the singles "Lord Knows" and "Wake n Bake" via Itunes and various other retail outlets. Both singles have received placement on several mixtapes and continue to receive raved reviews from his music consumers. D Slim continues to progress lyrically and has the drive to make himself and his brand Since82 a household name. He is currently prepping the followup to the Genesis project entitled "Exodus". Be sure to follow him via twitter @iam_dslim and join the mailing list for Exclusive music and update at


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