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My music is a one of a kind sound. The passion and dedication that i put into my music can obviously be heard when you listen. My style is versatile as to where i may release something that most people could categorize my previous tracks.


The Rapper/Songwriter Darrin Calhoun aka Slim Spitta is from Houston Texas(by way of Humble) looking to pursue a career in the music industry. I have been rapping since i was 15 and has stayed strong to the present. I love to make music and enjoy the feeling of my fans singing along to the lyrics. I have been asked what is your style, i say no style but versatile. I am very dedicated and i kno i'm going to be the next up coming star, just as soon as the world hears what I have to offer to the game. The talent that i have can't be looked over because of the creativity and leadership that I possess. The music industry is in a great transformation and I am grateful to be experiencing this time. This is not just a time of oppurtunity but a time for those who really want it to be able to go out and get it. At the age of 18 after graduating high school I moved to Natchitoches Louisiana to attend college. My parents dream was to have all of their four kids graduate from college as we would be the first in our family to accomplish that goal. I have been living in the Natchitoches area for the last five years and have experienced alot of inspiration from this town. It's amzing how much you can learn from here! I haven't always been the best person throughout my life, but i have learned from my mistakes and life experiences, and this is what i talk about in my music (life stories). This year(2008) i have just became the second person in my family to recieve a college degree. I put alot of things on hold in my life to reach this level and now its time for me to move on to the next chapter in an ongoing struggle to succeed. I have currently just moved back to the Houston area and will be fulltime pursuing my dreams of a music career. It's kind of like moving to a new city because so much has changed in 5 years time, so who knows where i will end up next. As the new year 2009 has come, i have dedicated 100% of my time to my life, which is music. This year is the year when the world will meet SlimSpitta. I have been through alot in my life and i have an old soul at a young age. Meaning i'm far ahead of the people who really don't know what it means to grind and struggle in this world. But I'm just tryn to make everyone feel the music ya heard me... I'm coming so keep your eyes open!!!


Cant Give Her What She Wants

Written By: Slim Spitta

Chorus: I can't give her what she want, in my heart i know i'm wrong, Im thuggin too hard but i'm gone

I don't need you, i didn't believe you, you say you leaving well me too

Verse 1
Now she ask me why you do me lik that,
I don't mean to, you still my boo,
Sometime i feel like i don't even need you, but in the end all i needed was you now thats true,
On the block 24/7, tryna to make a living, not realizing all the love she was giving,
Down for a playa, ride with a pimp, sometime i think she will even die for one last trip
It hurt my heart to know i was doing her wrong, she tried to hang on but it didnt last long, through the hurt, the pain, and all the rain, and all you ever wanted was to have my last name
I could have any girl in this world, and never find another like you, but thats what fame do(yea), Keep ya head up mama, im just trying to save you from the drama

Verse 2
If i put my hands on ya, i never meant to hurt ya, through all tha bad times, i never meant to curse ya
If i made ya cry i apologize, both for that and for the hate i see up in ya eyes
Who woulda thought this is the way it would turn out to be, for you and me and every broken promise that you see, a lonely G is the only road left for me, besides when im talkin about my money
Now look them other girls don't mean nothing, I might let them see something but girl stop frontin, I come home to you, thats what thuggin do, look at all the drama that i done put you through,
I can't give her what she want, I don't think she coming home, (pause) I couldn't dream of moving on
But now i see she gone, everything went wrong, thats why i'm singing this lonely song

Verse 3
Just hold on, stand strong, she told me yes but i was quick to tell her no,
She said baby, i said lady, move on before you drive us both crazy
What am i supposed to do, i only trusted you, you the one i told all my secrets to, I thought i saw the perfect girl in you, but you deserve better than this thug dude,
Too many years, it's like i made you pay the price to be my wife, to keep you always in my life, in my life, But now i lost, so i gotta pay the cost, you took the words out my mouth, now i'm out.