Slim Texan

Slim Texan

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

It's that feel good, sexy, baby making music from the 70's. When a man used thoughtful words to describe his true passions for a woman.

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Presently I am working on my first album I am calling "Magnificent Mindset". A collection of songs that go from the club to the car to the home and to the radio effortlessly. There is no cussing, no foul language... but there is soul, sexiness, desire and caressable lyrics. That is MY magnificent mindset. I know that sounds like a lot that is why the songs are here for you to hear.

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All of my songs are original and I never got into doing covers. I do like a little karaoke now and then though. I have a 4 song medley I like to do for the ladies of all make it sexy songs.