Slim Twig

Slim Twig


Slim combines deliberately random guitar stylings with memorable, and evocative turns of phrase to create original, meaningful rock'n'roll.


Slim Twig is a Toronto based singer/songwriter steeped in the tradition of dark songwriters like Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Lou Reed.

Like David Lynch, Slim Twig trusts his subconcious implicitly! Like Eugene Leroy, Slim Twig likes to mold his art into a bloody slab of beautiful, dissonant collage.

Referencing artists as diverse as Suicide, and Sonic Youth to the Zombies and Brian Eno, Slim Twig's brand of orignal rock is something hard to classify.

Slim Twig is also quite a showman and performer. His live show has been likend to a cross between the theatricality of David Bowie, and the spontaneity of Captain Beefheart. Slim Twig is also an actor and most recently had a supporting lead in Bruce MacDonald's upcoming Tracey Fragments.

Slim Twig has recorded one full album of dark folk entitled Livestock Burn, which also served as soundtrack to the short film Letters From R. He has also released a split EP with Toronto pop experimentalists the Huckleberry Friends, and is currently finishing his second album Dissonant Folk.

Dissonant Folk is quite a departure from Livestock Burn. Many more musical textures interacting with one another, and new lyrical depth are just parts of Slim Twigs current evolution, not to mention more confidence in his singing.

Dissonant Folk was recorded, engineered, mixed and co-produced by Toronto indie legend Dale Morningstar. Slim Twig is excited to unleash his latest upon the world, and optimistic as to where it might go.


A Fauna Omen, A Phantom Daughter

Written By: Slim Twig

with a thwack, I was shook
and my shack it was razed
three white bucks in it's place
caught my eye, and I cried
"phantom daughter - but i lost her...
phantom daughter - but i lost her...
phantom daughter - but i lost her..."

saw myself up from bed
lying down in swain's 'stead
'volved my double
was a lover
a baying stag - and no other
caterwauling radiator
humming soundly in my left ear

went outside with a needle,
down a backstreet for a healer

saw the fauna as an omen
took her kaftan, and i sewed it



Livestock Burn LP
Slim Twig/Huckleberry Friends - Quilibrate EP
Dissonant Folk LP (unreleased)

Set List

40 Minutes worth of all original music.