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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Roadhouse Rules!"

Great record! Meaningful songs with hot-tamale chops. Can't wait to see them live!! - CD Street


Just picked up this CD, and I love it! It's great to hear a band that doesn't depend on a gimmick to put 'em over. It's all about the music here, and these boys tear it up. Not a weak track in the bunch. A very solid 10.
- CD Street

"Roadhouse is Here to Stay"

These guys have a great sound. They're tight and in the pocket.
Great talent and production.
- CD Street


CD #1 - "100% Certified Roadhouse Music" debut CD released in 2003. All tracks released for Digital Distribution. all tunes penned by SlingBlade..

CD #2 - "Roadhouse for Sale"....released in 2006...13 more original songs from the fertile minds of the "Blade Boys"... all tracks in Digital Distribution.

CD #3 - currently in production...12 additional and completely original tunes from SlingBlade..untitled


Feeling a bit camera shy


What the H*** is “Roadhouse” Music?

It’s about time that another band has finally decided to break the mold of humdrum, ho-hum music being spoon-fed to us by the music industry. Elvis did it. So did the Beatles. Steve Earle and Dave Matthews are doing it. And now, SlingBlade is heading where most of the clone and cover bands fear to go; down the path of a musical genre that has yet to be properly labeled, but is fast sweeping through the country. Some call it “Americana”. Some call it “Roots Rock”. We call it “Roadhouse”.

“Roadhouse.” The name elicits the image of the early honkytonks; with sawdust on the dance floor, and lighting coming from candles stuck in long necks mixed with the glow of the neon sign hanging above the bar. These were the homes of the early Rock pioneers who gave you that raw, sensuous, in-your-face sound, long before disco, and long before video, when live music was King.

The best way to get a really clear idea of what a certain genre of music is like is to actually get out and listen to some of it. “Roadhouse” is no different. Getting a grasp on “Roadhouse” may take a bit longer since it is such a wide genre of music. In fact, it is a multi-genre genre.
“Roadhouse” is Hank but Not Garth, Stones but not Zeppelin, Delbert but not Ozzy.
“Roadhouse has been described as "Roots Rock fused with Americana on steroids" and brings to the East Coast a sound that has its roots in the roadhouses of Austin, Texas and the smoky barrooms of Nashville, Tennessee. A SlingBlade evening runs the musical gamut from acoustic story-songs to honky-tonk bar-boogie to raucous rock.

The SlingBlade guys are proud to be the”East Coast Ambassadors of the Roadhouse Sound”.

Slingblade’s first CD release, 100% Certified Roadhouse Music, is a collection of 12 original tunes from the fertile minds of the Blade boys. Sales from this debut CD are strong in both the National and International markets, which illustrates the group’s universal appeal. SlingBlade’s Roadhouse For Sale , another collection of original music is the sophomore release from this four-piece Virginia band and it is smokin'! Great song writing, monster pickin' and meticulous production will make this a must-have for all Roadhouse music fans........ And as the tunes from these CDs circulate throughout the digital downloading realm, SlingBlade is working on their third CD of original music to be released in 2007......... There are those that lead and those that follow. SlingBlade is proud to be one of the leaders of a whole new musical experience. ‘Cause, if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes...... . . . .