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"Most Popular Songs For June 2009"

Category: Music
In case you did not already know, The Very Limited Brain Who Maintains Arise Radio will post the 20 most popular songs for each month. On Arise Radio, like every station on Live365, you the listener have the opportunity to rate each song we play. For June 2009, the following songs below received the most thumbs up and five star ratings from Arise Radio listeners.

Rachel West Kramer's Hands Of Love song from her Redeeming Love album is the most popular song on Arise Radio for the second consecutive month. I have received numerous questions about Mrs. Kramer, her music, and whether or not she has a MySpace page. Rachel West Kramer's MySpace page can be found at Her official band website can be found at In response to popular demand, I am reposting the Hands Of Love video. I know that many of you have been deeply moved and blessed by Mrs. Kramer's music and ministry and especially by this video. In an earlier blog, Rachel West Kramer's life story was extensively detailed. In case you did not read that blog, the Hands Of Love song and Mrs. Kramer's use of sign language in her performance of the song are both based on a family situation. Once again, it is my pleasure to present to you the video for the most popular song on Arise Radio.
Hands of Love

We would all agree that Rachel West Kramer's performance on Arise Radio has been really impressive. An equally impressive accomplishment was achieved by Christian music group Sling n Stone. This group placed three songs in the Top 20 list---Reflection, Better Place, and Need You More. This is an awesome performance. While Arise Radio plays several songs from an artist or group, I have intentionally formatted the master playlist so that an artist's or group's songs are spaced far apart so that you the listener don't hear the same artist over and over during a single listening session. As many of you probably know, you can hear the same artist or group several times in a very short period of time on many radio stations. I have tried very hard to avoid frequent artist repeats or song repeats on Arise Radio. I mentioned the above to point out that different groups of people who listened to Arise Radio at different times really liked Sling n Stone's music. Each of these different folks who listened at different times liked Sling n Stone's songs so much that they gave them five star ratings. All I can say is WOW!!! Sling n Stone's Reflection song was the second most popular song on Arise Radio for June. The members of Sling n Stone are in the picture below. Sling n Stone's MySpace page can be found at A detailed personal profile of Sling n Stone will be the subject of an upcoming blog.

As you look at the list below, I hope you will notice the same trend I have noticed. The Top 20 list is dominated by so called "unknown" artists. Believe it or not, many famous songs by very well known artists received very poor ratings from Arise Radio listeners. To my simple brain, I believe that I am hearing from you the listeners the following. You really want to hear new music from new artists, and you are less interested in hearing songs you can easily find on many radio stations all over the radio dial and other places. While I have already made a strong commitment to promote new and "unknown" artists, I will make even more of a commitment in the future.

For each of the Top 20 songs, the name of the artist is displayed first followed by the name of the song and the title of the album.

1. Rachel West Kramer---"Hands Of Love"---Redeeming Love

2. Sling n Stone---"Reflection"---From An Arise Radio File

3. The Continental Singers---"You Are Not Alone"---The Apostle Soundtrack(1973)

4. Vince Falzone---"I Believe"---Strip Of Leather

5. Donna Carol---"One Day"---Audience Of One

6. Hayley Westenra---"Prayer"---Odyssey

7. B. B. King---"Save A Seat For Me"---Gospel Classics

8. Sling n Stone---"Better Place"---From An Arise Radio File

9. Natalie Grant---"In Better Hands"---WOW Hits 2009

10. Julianna Zobrist---"The Joy Of My Rest"---The Tree

11. d. russell---"Disconnected"---Disconnected

12. Simple Faith Trio---"Happy I'll Be"---God Is Able

13. Sling n Stone---"Need You More"---From An Arise Radio File

14. Spensha Baker---"Optimistic"---Outloud

15. Jim Brickman---"Faith"---Faith

16. Merle Haggard---"If You See A Change In Me"---Award Winning Gospel Super Hits

17. Carly Simon---"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of"---Reflections

18. The Hoppers---"The Dove"---The Ride

19. Shachah---"On The Move"---On The Move

20. JJ Heller---"When I Leave"---Only Love Remains

- Arise Internet Radio (music)

"Sling N Stone Has Two Songs in 2009 top 40 songs"

Arise Internet Radio TOP 40 songs for 2009

Category: Music
As many of you probably know by now, The Very Limited Brain Who Maintains Arise Radio likes to post a blog about the 20 tracks which receive the highest number of positive reviews from the listeners each month. For this blog, I would like to do something different. Below, I have posted the 40 tracks which received the highest number of positive reviews for 2009. I will post the name of the artist first, followed by the name of the track, followed by the name of the album.

2009 TOP 40 LIST

1. Blair Wingo---Letter To Satan---Arise Radio File
2. Rachel West Kramer--"Hands Of Love"---Redeeming Love
3. At the request of the artist, information about this track will not be posted.
4. Blair Underwood as Jesus--"Luke 23"---Inspired By The Bible Experience
5. Lulu Roman---"Do You Know How To Fly"---Seven Times
6. Chicago and Earth Wind & Fire--"You"---Arise Radio File
7. Jeff Chandler---"I Know You're There"---I Know You're There
8. Lalo Schifrin---"Last Dance In Sausalito"---Magnum Force Score
9. d. russell---"Disconnected"---Disconnected
10. Fee---"Glory To God Forever"---Hope Rising
11. Kelly Chapman---"Great Is Your Grace"---Great Is Your Grace
12. Andrew Inglese---"I Want Faith Like Jesus"---Trust In His Word
13. Neil Diamond---"Pretty Amazing Grace"---Home Before Dark
14. Sling N Stone---"Reflection"---Arise Radio File
15. Elmer Bernstein---"To Kill A Mockingbird"---To Kill A Mockingbird Soundtrack
16. Palma Pascale--"You Couldn't Mean Me"---This Must Be Heaven
17. J. R.---"Beautiful Light"---Metamorphisis
18. Legacy Five---"When They Found Nothing"---Just Stand
19. Switchfoot---"Enough To Let Me Go"---Hello Hurricane
20. Jude Music Singers--"He Wraps 'Round Me"---Arise Radio File
21. Gateway Worship---"Real"---Wake Up The World
22. Courtney Reid---"Captivated"---Love Struck
23. Lee University Campus Choir--"But Thou O Lord"---Arise Radio File
24. Sling n Stone---"Need You More"---Arise Radio File
25. Phil Stacey---"Inside Out"---Into The Light
26. The Rolling Stones---"You Got Me Rocking"---Forty Licks
27. Three Dog Night---"Easy To Be Hard"---20th Century Masters Three Dog Night
28. Gavin Mikhail---"God In This Moment"---Like Normal People Do
29. Christy Nockels---"No Not One"---Life Light Up
30. Simple Faith Trio---"Happy I'll Be"---God Is Able
31. Kenny Rogers & First Edition--"All God's Lonely Children"--18 Greatest Hits
32. Hayley Westenra---"Prayer"---Odyssey
33. The Perrys---"Dying Is A Day"---Almost Morning
34. Mary Mary---"Boom"---The Sound
35. Casting Crowns---"Until The Whole World Hears"---Until The Whole World Hears
36. Christi Mynatt---"His Good Grace"---Give Your Heart To Jesus
37. Burt Bacharach---"Nikki"---Burt Bacharach Classics
38. The Taylors---"My Heart Was Made For Heaven"---Rivers Crossed
39. Sheryl Crow---"Light In Your Eyes"---Very Best Of Sheryl Crow
40. The Imperials---"No Shortage"---Gospel Music Hall Of Fame: The Imperials

- Arise Internet Radio

"New Film "5:11" Features Sling N Stone songs"

Independant Christian Movie "5:11" based on psalms five through eleven to be Released April 3, 2010. Featuring the songs "Better Place" and "Here I Go" from Christian Music Newcomers "Sling N Stone" -

"Arise 2009 Chart Listings for Sling N Stone"

You had two songs on the 2009 Top 40---"Reflection" was #14 and "Need You More" was #24. "Need You More" finished at #6 on the November 2009 Top 20. "Need You More" was #12 on the August 2009 Top 20. Two of your songs were on the July Top 20, "Reflection" was at #5, and "Need You More" was at #15. These three songs were also in the June 2009 Top 20---"Reflection" was #2, "Better Place" was #8 and "Need You More" was #13. Recently, I've started to post weekly Top 20 reports every Friday afternoon. I will soon expand to a weekly Top 40. I hope everything works out for you with Word Records.
The Very Limited Brain Who Maintains Arise Radio
- Arise Internet Radio

"Artist Spotlight: Sling N Stone"

Sling n Stone is a Christian rock band from Orlando, Florida; their name comes from the story of David and Goliath. According to their MySpace page their name reflects everyday battles that Christians face; the band members want their music to bring encouragement and remind Christians of the grace they have found in Jesus Christ. Their music has a rock/pop sound with worship undertones which is appealing to most listeners. Their music is unashamedly Christ-centered and discusses the everyday feelings and struggles Christians go through. But with Christ and in Him, we can overcome those struggles.
On their MySpace page they have six songs that show a true life balance between one’s relationship with God and everyday life; how the two can mold beautifully with the grace of God. Their songs range from beautiful ballads to fast-paced to somewhere in between; but no matter what arrangement the song is in, the message remains the same: Jesus Christ.

The rock-driven song, “Here I Go,” speaks about how we should not be foolish with our lives; how the Word of God is all we need to live our lives to the fullest potential, through the grace of God. Even when we mess up and fall down, this song encourages us to get back up and continue on the path that God has laid out before us.

Another one of their songs, “Up on High,” is a beautiful ballad that talks about the destiny of heaven for the believer and how this place is so exciting and beautiful that words cannot truly express its goodness. It’s a unity song that should bring all believers together, and is a picture of those who have gone through pain and struggles of all kinds and how they will lay those aside for perfect, glorified bodies. This song should make all Christians think about whether they are truly ready for an eternity in heaven or not, and how we need to focus on eternity more in our lives here on earth.

By Ryan Mulkowsky

- The Christian Pulse


Currently we have 2 songs on rotation with about 60 stations in the state of Florida and on the worldwide web. These songs are "Better Place" and "Reflection".



The band’s name Sling N Stone is derived from the biblical passages of David and Goliath, and means their are no obstacles in life to big to overcome if the lord is on your side. Sling N Stone is a Contemporary Christian Rock Band with a unique vocal sound mixed with classic rock riffs, monstrous hooks, and undeniably catchy choruses. Their sound is uncomparable to anything in the current music market. The group was formed in Orlando Florida with a purpose to use their god given talents to further educate and direct people to the word of the lord. The program director of “Reach Fm” which has over 55 stations all over Florida, and a worldwide listening base with their live web broadcast shared that “The wonderful thing about Sling N Stone is the sound is so universal that it’s able to be played with any format from praise and worship, contemporary, all the way to a sound that would be directed toward the youth of today”.

Sling N Stone feels that it is such a blessing that they currently have 2 songs playing on rotation with Reach Fm. The first song “Reflection” has been playing for well over a year. Reflection is a song about how Christ is a like a silversmith in our lives molding and shaping us into the person he feels that we were all born to be. With its incomparable melody line and infectious hook an instant buzz was created through airplay. The radio station is receiving many emails and request. This prompted a release for their 2nd track “Better Place”. “Better Place” is a song about just surrendering yourself to Christ while giving up all the wrong in your past and asking for his direction in your life to lead you to that “Better Place”. “Better Place has been on rotation for right at 1 year now and still going strong.

The Sling N Stone band is made up of 5 members and features Drew Lye on the vocals, Donny Rebera on the bass, Joel Smith on the drums, George Miller and Jeff Edwards on the Guitars. The band is working very hard and looking forward to the opportunity to evolve into a household name in the Christian market. Recently Sling N Stone was chosen to be The Christian Pulse featured artist in October which receives very much Christian support and many visitors to their sight. Reach FM program director believes the audience marketed would be huge because of such a resilient sound. No matter what opportunities Sling N Stone may or may not have they will continue the music ministry that the lord has called them into and continue to educate and direct people to the lord. Sling N Stone says “no matter how many people the music reaches or how many lives it may touch. They will give all the grace and glory to the lord up above for without him nothing is possible.