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"Kidnaped and Held at Beer Point"

We've only played a couple of all ages shows, and I ended up having to get stitches in my lid after I dropped my BREW in the pit at one of them. So I never know what to expect when we play one. This last show at Moe's BBQ was one of the good ones! Piper Danny came along and opened up the set with us, we just wanted to celebrate St. Patty's a little bit longer. Then we played some of our favorites for the kids. It wasn't long and the fellers from SLINGSHOT RADIO started circling 'em up, thanks again boys! Toss in some old crusties, a couple of youg bucks and some been there's and you've got yourself a nice little hoe down goin' on! And they kept it up for almost the entire set, BITCHIN'! Johnny Reno was down there mixin' it up, too. Thanks again Johnny for everything and for jumping up to sing with us.
The boys from SLINGSHOT RADIO started the night off and totally blew doors off. Earl even said, "Shit, I wished we we're going on first, these guys are killing it!" Couldn't have agreed more, they killed it. If you haven't seen them yet, go see them and you'll see for youself. Then we got up and shit all over the stage like we usually do, super fun though! Then MINOR AUTHORITY played their set, I'm pretty sure for the first time with this line up. At first they looked a little like they were gonna shit their pants, but that didn't last too long. Then I find out that two of these little shits are still in high school and that it's also the first show that another two have ever played. Damn! I'm telling you, after playing out a few more times, these little bastards are gonna be good. Good songs, good singer and the drummer has to be mainlinin' RED BULL! Check them out soon. TRUCKASAURUS ended the night and I couldn't have been happier! They are one of the bands that is one of all of our favorites, especially to play with. They also added a second guitarist and I think it was a wise decision. I'm usually more of a fan of 3 piece's, but this dude helps make a really good band even better.
So now we're getting ready for another all ages show with a shit load of great bands on April 5th. PUNK FEST at the Spillway Grill down in A-Town. Then on the 17th we're playing at BENDER'S with one of the best line ups ever!
See you HOOLIGANS at the show! - Mikey Reason,


Singles: "Gunshots and Driveby's" Played on a local radio college station, hitting the airwaves over the rocky mountains. LP: "Turn it up"



Slingshot Radio is a loud, fast, in your face, unity, punk rock band from Denver, Colorado. Bringing together styles from the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains. We have ex-members from: Wanted Dead, Brothel Dwellers, Choice C, Hey Andrew Catch, Nowhere Hall and The Hershey Squirts. Together we have fused as one to create a sound unlike any other. Forming a band in 2008, Slingshot Radio is now unstoppable. With a new full length, "Turn it up", on the horizon we are ready to make our mark. From flannels in the summer to fanny packs, pompadors to pbr, get ready for Slingshot Radio and TURN IT UP!