SlipAgnt has been a powerful force for years, but the regrouping in Atlanta has really opened doors and influenced personal expression in their music. As opportunity arises, SlipAgnt rushes in with full force. From 2001 - 2002 SlipAgnt promoted their first release “Demo” to the Atlanta and surrounding areas. Now with the completion of “Gimper” they will focus on more than just being locals.

SlipAgnt is a well-rounded group with a growing fan base. From the first glimpse of the band, you’ll be infected with the pulsing attack of bass from two bassists. Not as a novelty but as a necessity. Fats, the percussion influenced bassist and Stu, the guitar influenced bassist give SlipAgnt a new sound and sonic originality. Percussion is definately a key element in SlipAgnt and it’s done with precision and style like no other. With influences ranging from Stewart Copeland to David Silvera, SlipAgnt became a whole new element when Paul was finally added to the lineup. The fourth and final member is Lamar, in whose style you’ll hear the voices of angels and unresting screams of anguish, unleashed in both guitar and vocals.

To fully understand us, you have to look past the music; SlipAgnt’s music is hard to explain. Sometimes, its abrasiveness and harshness are necessary to get the point across and its lighter side is required to fulfill another side of SlipAgnt. They have an undeniable passion for music and this passion is no better demonstrated than in their live shows. If you don’t notice something different within yourself after experiencing SlipAgnt, you weren’t listening.


Gimper - LP
Demo - EP