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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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Apart - iTunes single (Mag Wheel) 2012



SLIP~ons. Yep, we’re a band. We play melancholy punk-tinged pop songs which I like to call “monk rock” or “monk pop”. I also like the Replacements a lot. What can I say? Oh, and I used to hang out with Bhikkhus once upon a time so… Yeah.

My name is Brock and I used to play in some band called Doughboys, which might mean something to you if you were born circa 1977, but don’t hold it against me. The rest of the band have plenty of pedigree as well, and since promoters seem to like the name-droppy stuff, I can tell you that Shockker played guitar in Mongoose & Tiger Prawn, and sometimes joins the Lifetakers or the Spitfires. Brian Minato has played bass with a ton of people but you would prolly only have heard of Sarah McLachlan or possibly Delirium. He is also responsible for mellifluous harmonies, and generally being in tune and on time. Adam Fink is our drummer, and he currently plays in about 74 bands, including Gang Signs, Girlfriends & Boyfriends, and Peppersands. He likes to wear V-neck T-shirts, which is not easy to pull off.

While I was in Montreal for Doughboys reunion shows supporting Foo Fighters last August, Howard Bilerman invited me to spend a few days at Hotel2Tango following our secret show at Club Lambi. Howard and I had been talking about recording for a while previous, and the opportunity finally presented itself at a time when the Hotel was not super busy. Well OK, we got bumped a day for Sam Roberts’ video shoot, but at least he left us some barbecue chicken and sweet potatoes in the fridge.

I’d just spent a week or so revisiting old times, laughing my head off in the van with Widdalee, Bond Head, and Monk on the way to and from Toronto like we’d done hundreds of times before. It was a no-brainer. I mean how much easier could it be to record basics than to enlist my former bandmates on guitar and bass?

After finishing up the American leg of Men Without Hats latest tour in September, I was able to return to Montreal and carry on with vocals and overdubs. After vocals on the first day, Howard politely said he could mix anytime and encouraged me track as much as possible. He then handed me the keys to the studio and sent me back to write a new song for the next day…

Back in Vancouver, the urge to play these and other songs live has struck so I’ve enlisted my best buds to help me out with local shows while the task of releasing this stuff works itself out. Actually, Woody at Mag Wheel Records is on board, and we’re planning the first 7? single so stay tuned. As soon as one of us has enough do-re-mi, we’ll press up some vinyl so you all can hear what drums recorded on 2? analog tape sound like.