Slippy LaRue

Slippy LaRue

 Columbia, Missouri, USA

Slippy LaRue's musical approach combines elements of sound shaping, composition, and improvisation that successfully fuse during their live performances. This quartet has a passion for performing new and fresh music every night, so come out and join in their celebration of live music.


Separate worlds collide to form the music of Slippy LaRue. Whomping bass lines, dubstep beats and hypnotic trance melodies are a few of the sound-shaping elements crafted by this group. Their strength in composition is evident in the rapid changes and various genre themes rooted in the intricate structure of the music. The end product is a live performance that shines with the addition of improvisation, allowing the free form of jazz to thrive off the spontaneous energy of the audience and band. This unique music experience has electrified crowds from Chicago to Colorado. Don't miss this talented, young and inspired four-piece, Slippy LaRue.

Notable venues/festivals at which Slippy LaRue has performed: Summer Camp Music Festival (other artistis include: moe., Umphrey's Mcgee, Girl Talk, Medeski Martin Wood Scofield, Bassnectar, Les Claypool, etc.) The Blue Note (Columbia, MO) Abbey Pub (Chicago, IL) Cicero's (St. Louis, MO) Kinetic Playground (Chicago, IL) Strip Mines Music Festival (other artists included: Garaj Mahal, Future Rock, Family Groove Company, Backyard Tire Fire, Groovatron, and more) Old Rock House (St. Louis, MO) Goat Tavern (Keystone, CO).

Moreover, this trio has a passion for performing new and fresh music every night, so come out and join in their celebration of live music.


Sands EP (2010) self-released
1. Flashback
2. Utopic
3. Sherpa Rock
4. All Night
5. Kings
6. Sands of Cairo

Set List

11-5-07 The Blue Fugue, Columbia, MO
Voices in the Morning
First Tube (Phish)

1-30-08 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)
Voices in the Morning
Mario Trip
Baile a la Musica
Freak to the Beat>
First Tube (Phish)

4-11-08 The Sapphire Lounge, Columbia, MO
set 1: Mario Trip>Down with Disease(Phish), The Traveler, Burning Down the House (The Talking Heads), jam>Funky Town(LLps inc), First Tube(Phish)
set 2: Can't You Hear Me Knockin'(Rolling Stones)>Run Like Hell(Pink Floyd), Slippy LaRue, Baile a la Musica, Crossroads (Cream)

5-3-08 The Blue Fugue, Columbia, MO
set1: Traveler, Voices in the Morning, Slippy LaRue, Burning Down the House (Talking Heads), Mario Trip, Baile a la Musica, Funky Town (Lpps inc), Freak to the Beat>Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)

3-3-09 Mojo's, Columbia, MO
Coast, Voices in the Morning, Skyline Strut, Beyond the Fence, Violet Von Stronheim, Sands of Cairo