Slip Silo

Slip Silo


Comprised of talented, thoughtful musicians, electronic/jazz/rock quartet Slip Silo delivers dynamic, tight shows featuring high-caliber, jazz-trained players and original music that sounds like a mashup of Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Miles Davis.


Formed in the summer of 2008, Slip Silo is comprised of talented, thoughtful musicians who studied jazz at the University of Iowa and who have appeared in groups such as Koplant No, OSG, Big Funk Guarantee, The Critical Hour, New Beat Society, and many more. The band combines a variety of influences to create a sound that resembles a mashup of Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Miles Davis. "...these guys are worth paying attention to. You can do some chin stroking, but I don’t doubt if you’re willing you could do some dancing. At any rate, 2 thumbs up ..." -Kent Williams of Little Village Live on Slip Silo. "Prog-rock, trance, jazz-fusion and even New Age collide throughout," says Jim Musser of the Iowa City Press Citizen about the group's new album Monsoons, referring to Slip Silo as a group of, "stellar musicians." Slip Silo released a self-titled EP in the Spring of 2010, and recently released its first full-length album, Monsoons, in April of 2012.


Monsoons - April, 2012
Slip Silo - March 2010

Set List

Slip Silo plays original music with very few, if any, covers. Many of these songs can be heard on our two albums, which you can listen to and purchase on iTunes: