Slips Into Space

Slips Into Space


Slips Into Space is a unique combination of sounds. Everything from psychedelic to electronic to funk, with an equal blend of jam and songwriting.


Slips Into Space first started playing together as a band in the fall of 2005. Their unique brand of music encompasses a wide range of musical genres; spanning from Jam to Hard Rock, Electronica, Simple Jazz and even Psychedelic Funk. Each band member’s individual style contributes to the greater whole, delivering a brand-spanking-new sound to the music scene.
Living in a time when there is no more “melting pot” and music has been placed into neat, little categories, Slips Into Space has the ability to blend many older styles with the technology, rhythm, and sounds of tomorrow to create music that is truly original today.

Most recently, Slips Into Space took their music all the way to the final round of the Emergenza Battle of the Bands ( After three qualifying rounds and over four hundred bands, Slips Into Space played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Key Club and finished third. Apparently, twenty minutes was enough to show the crowd, and the judges, that Slips Into Space deserves to be in the top 1% of what L.A. had to offer.

Set List

We vary our shows each time. We have hours of material and can play shows of any length. We can play 30-40 minute shows or hours of jams for parties/raves/etc.