Sliva Family

Sliva Family

 Naperville, Illinois, USA

8 siblings and their father play music ranging from American or Czech songs to classical music.


About us:

We are a group of brothers and sisters (and father) who play music from all genres; the music ranges from classical to rags to fiddle. The simple fact that each of the musicians in our group comes from the same family makes us highly suitable for venues intended for families.

Mary Sliva, violin and voice
Monica Sliva, cello and voice
Martha Sliva, piano, organ and voice
Catherine Sliva, viola and voice
Luke Sliva, violin
Mark Sliva, violin, viola, guitar and voice
Anna Sliva, cello
Peter Sliva, piano
Vladimir Sliva, guitar.


Renata and Vladimir Sliva have lived in Naperville for the past 24
years. For a majority of these 24 years, their eight children have been playing
and performing everywhere in and around the area. Their story is
extremely riveting to listen to.

As citizens of the former Czechoslovakia, Renata and Vladimir Sliva
lived under Communist rule. To escape the tyrannical system and live in
a place of true freedom they packed just a couple of suitcases and went
on honeymoon to Italy. Unlike most couples' honeymoons, the "Sliva
honeymoon" never actually has an end. In fact, it is still going on
today. After an eight month stay in a refugee camp in Italy, Renata
and Vladimir just kept on moving west to Chicago, becoming American
citizens and escaping Communism.

Their first son, Peter, was born in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago.
They then moved to Naperville and proceeded to have 7 more children:
Anna, Mark, Luke, Catherine, Martha, Monica and Mary.

Renata and Vladimir, realizing music drives a child to excellence,
decided to pair up each of their children with an instrument by the
age of three or four. The Sliva children have regularly been
performing together as an ensemble. Once or twice a year, they come
together to share their love for music with the community in a family concert.
It is wondrously inspiring to see all eight of the children playing, singing and
laughing together.

Family DVDs - 1 to 2 released per year - are available by writing to

Set List

Please note that the list below is a representative sample of what we have been playing and are willing to play. We have played more than is listed, and are usually able to satisfy specific requests given to us prior to the performance. Please contact us for details.

Country/bluegrass instrumental:
Ervin T. Rouse: Orange Blossom Special

Scott Joplin: Country Club, Maple Leaf Rag

Beatles: I Am the Walrus, Blackbird

American Patriotic Songs:
Samuel A. Ward and Katherine Lee Bates: America the Beautiful
John Stafford Smith and Francis Scott Key: The Star Spangled Banner

International instrumentals: Freylekhs, Mekhutonim Tsum Tish

Czech dance songs:
Frantisek Kmoch: Ceska muzika, Muj konicek, Muziky, Andulko safarova, Jarabacek, Zeleny hajove, Pode mlejnem, Jara mladi, Hoj Marenko, Koline

Czech songs:
Madona (two voices and guitar) and many more

Christmas carols:
Silent Night, Joy to the World, Adeste Fideles, Good King We