Sliver plays original hard rock music. The songs reflect influences such as Tool, Disturbed, Fuel, and Chevelle, while adding their own elements of creativity and originality. Chugging rhythms and soaring vocals combine to create a unique sound that is Sliver.


Sliver’s wheels began turning some time ago in the minds of Chris and Scott Nelson. The brothers spent countless hours honing their skills playing songs by their favorite rock bands in the band Diezel. The brothers were not satisfied playing cover songs, and envisioned writing their own music and creating a band that encompassed their collective passions and influences. They formed Sliver and began writing original music that combines the driving rhythms of Disturbed, the vocal melodies of Fuel, and the sonic dynamics of Tool.

Most of 2005 was spent writing and perfecting songs and searching for a bass player. In 2006, eager to get into the studio, they went ahead and recorded the five song EP, titled “The Remainder”, with bass duties handled by Scott. With their newly recorded CD and an arsenal of hard hitting rock tunes, the guys became anxious to get out in front of an audience.

A friend of the band recommended Brian Lamberty for the bass position, and he turned out the be the missing ingredient in Sliver. Brian was a seasoned veteran with the band Empty Pockets. With a bass player in place, Sliver was ready to make its mark on the local music scene. Mid 2007 saw the addition of guitarist Steve Biggs of Empty Pockets fame to the lineup, to help recreate the sonic textures found on the Remainder EP.

Their sound is fresh and aggressive and their songs are heavy, but with memorable melodies. With every show they play, the crowds keep growing and one can only wonder how much longer they will remain a “local” band. Come out and see what you have been missing!


2006 - The Remainder EP
Released on NelHaan Records
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Set List

Our set typically consists of 12 original songs, and Sliver has also been known to play a few cover songs from our favorite rock artists, such as Buckcherry, Disturbed, and Tool. Our set covers 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the occasion.