Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

This won’t be another band that has the same sound over and over. It won’t be just another song floating in one apathetic ear and out another. This is the sound of changing perspectives and enhancing one’s living experience. This is the sound of free will.


Not just a jam band, not a reggae band, or a jazz ensemble, or a rock band, but all fused together to form the original sound of SLM. Every song has a uniquness to it. You will hear bluesy flowing guitar solos to shredding head banging licks, to slow jazzy sounds or reggae dub from song to song. We were sick of hearing the same songs over and over on the radio. It's to the point where every band sounds the same. With an appreciation for all styles of music, we're trying to create something for everybody. Our main goal, make you dance, party, and enjoy all aspects of life and music!

The band has had over 20 different musicians share the stage and the name of SLM. Through evolution and learning from each other we have come upon a lineup that gels and jams as one unit, creating the greatest sounds and jams the band has ever experienced. A high level of musicianship and the ability to listen to each other are key requirements for the band, and something we pride ourselves on.


Chuckin Notes

Written By: Don Woppert

People move your dancing feet. Just let go and don’t care. Cause music is a luxury. And the music is free everywhere.

That’s why we chuckin notes. Let the music flow. Feel it in your body hear it in your soul. Forget what you’ve been taught and let your spirit go that’s all I know. When you feel the beat. Put on your dancing feet. No reason to hold back, no reason to compete. Once it takes you over the feeling’s so complete when we chuck them notes

The energy is feeling good tonight. It can’t be stopped now. Cause it’s all around you. And were so glad we found you.


Our first cd "Pass It To The Left" was released in 2004. This dics also featured Troy Scheunke on Saxophone, Mike Hannon on guitar, and Dan Hill on guitar. Songlist includes: Transparent Tim, Flag Football, Get Down On Your Knees and Snatch That Fish, SLM Mountain pt.1, Pillow Talk, Double J Doobie, Lonely River, Motadilla, Black Olive Jam, Gonge, and Long Trip Home. Listen to the whole cd here:

Our newest cd "Now is the Time" is was released in Winter 2006. "Now is the Time" brings out a little more of SLM's jazzy and funky side, with a heavy dose of rock. Songlist includes: Now is the Time, 4 A.M. Fred, Hypnotize, Billy, SLM Mountain pt.2, Music Keeps on Playing, Tuna, Twenty After Cuatro, Yeti, and High Life.

Set List

We have over three hours of original music. Listen to our whole cd here:

Listen to some live shows here (

Our typical sets range from one to two hours. We play mostly originals, but when we do covers we do the following:
Kick Drum – G. Love & Special Sauce
Garden Grove - Sublime
Up on Cripple Creek – The Band
Me & Julio – Paul Simon
Manic Depression – Jimi Hendrix
All Mixed Up - 311
One Way out - ABB
Sample in a Jar - Phish
Badfish - Sublime
Franklin’s Tower – Grateful Dead
I am the Walrus – The Beatles
Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
Second That Emotion – Smokey Robinson
Ya Mar - Phish
First Tube - Phish
Black water – Doobie Brothers
Moon dance – Van Morrison
Jack A Roe – Grateful Dead
Natural mystic – Bob Marley
While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles
Wolfmans Brother - Phish
Ain’t Wasting Time No More - ABB