Sloan are a rock band.


One of the most successful Canadian bands of the last fifteen years, SLOAN formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1991 with Andrew Scott (drums, vocals), Patrick Pentland (guitar, vocals), Chris Murphy (bass, vocals), and Jay Ferguson (guitar, vocals). By 1992, they self-released their first EP, Peppermint, and within a year had signed to DGC and released their full length, critically lauded debut, Smeared. Their next album, Twice Removed, brought even more critical acclaim (including citation as "The Best Canadian Album of All Time" by Chart Magazine), accolades they confirmed with the subsequent successes of One Chord to Another (1997), Navy Blues (1998), Between the Bridges (1999), Pretty Together (2001), and Action Pact (2003). And throughout such output, Sloan has managed to share songwriting duties between all members and never have a change in line-up.

Sloan's eighth studio album, Never Hear the End of It, released in 2007 on Yep Roc Records, peaked at #3 on the CMJ Top 200 Chart. It only delivers another serving of august and finely crafted rock, it's also thirty tracks long.

“The album is proudly kaleidoscopic. Those 30 songs run between 52 seconds and 5 minutes long, and even among the short ones, only a few come across as fragments. The tracks are run together so the album works almost as a 77-minute suite. It’s a pop-rock marathon, galloping through songs about romance (“Last Time in Love”), music (“I Know You”), paranoia (“Living With the Masses”), media (“Set in Motion”), despair (“It’s Not the End of the World”) and willed optimism (“I Understand”). Most of the songs stand up separately, but the album’s cumulative effect is even better: a sheer abundance that insists there’s enough pop to give every human concern a tune. “ - Jon Pareles, The New York Times

"We are four individual singers/songwriters," says guitarist Jay Ferguson, "And the sheer volume and diversity of the material [on Never Hear the End of It], I feel, makes for an entertaining listen. You don't get stuck in one sound for very long, yet we're always pleasantly surprised that the whole thing still hangs together cohesively.”

There is a reason these guys have remained meaningful, vibrant, and continually touring around the globe (most recently even playing a handful of shows with The Rolling Stones). "Records like Never Hear the End of It keep us valid," gutarist Patrick Pentland adds, "We’ve been around a long time and we continue to make a contribution to music. We wouldn’t keep doing this if we didn’t think we were making interesting new records and staying relevant. What other bands are on their eighth record together and still in their original formation and still making sense to fans?".


Peppermint EP (1992)
Smeared (1992)
Twice Removed (1994)
One Chord To Another (1996)
Navy Blues (1998)
Between The Bridges (1999)
Four Nights At The Palais Royale (live) (1999)
Pretty Together (2002)
Action Pact (2004)
A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005 (2005)
Never Hear The End Of It (2007)