Sloan Valve

Sloan Valve

 Denver, Colorado, USA

amazingly entertaining yet interesting and accomplished rock and roll, in the sesibilities of Black Sabbath, mixed with Zappa. Heavy riffs and irreverant lyrics makes Sloan Valve a unique experience.


Two musicians meet. And then....."POW!" That is what happened when bassist, Scott Waknin, and vocalist, guitarist, Bill Leirer first played together. A jam session revealed instant sync! Songs flowed out like a
firey river, and at once they knew a band was born! With the addition of Bill's brother, Chris and Scott's friend and guitarist from other projects, Tom, (who is a guitar god!)....the lineup was complete.
Influenced by early hard rock like zepp, black sabbath, with a touch of zappa, the band also builds from modern influnces, like soundgarden and alice in chains. A full length CD was released this year, featuring 13 original songs.



Written By: Sloan Valve

There's a light left on....all night
and there's a door that never opens


Full length CD, "Blah Blah Blah plus Tax" released 2010

Set List

typical 45 min set includes:
Don't Wait
20 Minutes
Local Motive
Annie's STD
The Devil You Know
Free Association
Hey Ladies