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Sloan Wainwright comes from a long line of amazingly gifted singer/songwriters. Her family tree (brother Loudon Wainwright, nephew Rufus) reads like a who's who of contemporary popular music. Sloan's musical style melds the best of pop, folk, jazz, and blues to create a soulful hybrid.


Sloan Wainwright has been a pioneer all her life.

A forerunner in the independent music scene long before it became hip to walk the road less travelled, Sloan is an artist whose passionate work and extraordinary life have fused to burn a new definition for women in music. Grown-up girl style.

An outstanding and highly original singer, Sloan is a compelling performer best known for her rich contralto voice, intensely personal lyrics, and an innovative approach to song.

Hard to categorize, her musical style melds the best of pop, folk, jazz, and blues to create a soulful hybrid.

Her personal appearances are forceful and uplifting, her stage persona self-described as "we take our audience on a journey, we come in full tilt and do our show."

"Exploring everything from childhood to September 11th, the trio delivers songs in what is not only a well-timed display of musical cohesion but also a full-throttle emotional ride." (The Washington Post)

Born into a highly acclaimed musical family (youngest sister to Loudon Wainwright, auntie to Rufus Wainwright and to Martha Wainwright) Sloan's teenage years were largely influenced by a constant flow of diverse artists, writers and musicians. She learned to play the piano and watched her brother Loudon, 11 years older--and the father of Rufus and Martha-- become successful. Writing and performing, throughout the Greenwich Village hipster scene, Sloan developed her own unique style.

In the mid 90's Sloan began to collaborate with guitarist Stephen Murphy. From their instant creative synergy, a band was put together and within no time, Sloan released a self-titled debut CD in 1996 -- 'Sloan Wainwright'. The CD was a critical success and introduced the music to a national audience.

The Sloan Wainwright Band followed with a second release in 1998. A tribute in memory of her mother Martha, entitled 'From Where You Are'.

The third band release -- in early 2001 -- 'The Song Inside' is a pivotal work in its merging of traditionally based folk music and more eccentric, creatively evolved variations - sometimes suggesting a stylistic crossroad of Bonnie Raitt and Kate Bush.

The current CD release, entitled Cool Morning, sees Sloan take on a myriad of musical challenges. Songs like "Word of The Day" showcase her unique singing voice and vocal styling. One of the most memorable cuts on the CD is her rendition of U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name." Her performance of this classic not only radiates the greatness of the song, but also gives the listener the clear vision of Sloan as a modern day interpreter of lyrics and music.

For Cool Morning, Sloan teamed up once again with her band mates Stephen Murphy (guitar) and Cary Brown (piano) with production and drum credits going to well-known New York City session musician Joe Bonadio (Martin Sexton, Avril Lavigne, Shawn Colvin). Bonadio, best known as a diverse and musical drummer, stepped into the producers chair to allow Sloan more room to concentrate on delivering her brand of compelling vocal stylings.

Other musicians showcased on Cool Morning come from a hand-picked ensemble of artists with resumes as impressive as Sloan's musical family tree:

v David Sancious (Bruce Springsteen, Sting) on piano
v Jeff Allen (Avril Lavigne, Duncan Sheik) on bass
v John Patitucci (Chick Corea, Stan Getz) on jazz bass
v Harvey Jones (Ellis Paul, Robbie Dupree) on keyboards
v Marc Shulman (Celine Dion, Patty Larkin) on additional guitar

The result of all this artistic synergy, musical talent and personality is Cool Morning, a triumph for Sloan Wainwright.

"Her melodies are the aural equivalent of smoky, tantalizing aromas emanating from a soul kitchen" (Dirty Linen)

"...a masterful amalgam of folk, rock, jazz, blues and an occasional tincture of funk, discovering her music is like finding a treasure... "
(The Boston Globe)

"Her lyrics are not tough stances on a woman's experience, but rather sensitive explorations of childhood and the poetry of life."
(The New York Times)

"Her songs, like her voice"cast a lasting spell, at times drawing the listener into a world of unquestionably heartfelt emotion."
(The Washington Post)

December 2005 saw the release of the first-ever live in concert CD for Sloan and bandmates entitled Sloan Wainwright and Friends ???On A Night Before Christmas'. This Holiday Celebration CD features The Sloan Wainwright band live in concert along with guest performances by The Kennedys, Cadence Carroll, Penny Nichols and Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. 'On A Night Before Christmas' was recorded Live at Northern Westchester Center for the Arts in Mt. Kisco, NY on December 18th, 2004 and serves to capture the fearless energy and sensational musical performance.

"For the Canadian folkie sisters Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Christmas could never be simply "the holidays." On Wednesday night at Carnegie Hall, they alluded to the


Tired of Wasting Time

Written By: S. Wainwright based on Trad. Arr.

World will spin
Lose or win
Give or take
Day will break
Simple fact
Life grows back
Tired of wasting time

Broke my heart
Came apart
Breach of trust
Simple fact
Can’t go back
Tired of wasting time

Silent type
Whispered gripe
Fatal flaw
Final straw
Simple fact
Won’t fight back
Tired of wasting time

Bad For Her

Written By: S. Wainwright/S. Murphy

Wailing like a widow
Weeping like a child
Indulging in the deepest hurt
She’s suffered in awhile
Relegated to the land
Where she’s ignored
By another man
And it’s bad for her
Living off crumbs
That he offers
So bad

Drawn in by the dizzy design
Of the web
Distracted, she realizes
She’s tangled in sticky threads
Abandoned at an early age
She’s all alone and feels afraid
It’s bad for her
Caught in the
Oncoming headlights
So bad

She started every fire
Fanning every flame
She tempted him to join her
Then left him there to blame
So sad

She wipes away the tears
She fixes up her face
Reflected in the mirror
Her fall so far from grace
She’ll keep her mind
Way off her thoughts
Her truth and lies
Confuse the plot
And it’s bad for her
So bad

When I Walk Away

Written By: S. Wainwright/S. Murphy

Clouds will cover the cobalt sky
A red-tailed hawk will hang
Suspended in flight
At the break of day
When I walk away

There’s coffee in the pot
There’s cream in the fridge
Twisted cotton sheets on
Our king sized bed
Like any other day
When I walk away

You won’t know what hit you
But you’ll notice that the lawn is a field
You’ve got a choice
You can cut it all down
Or pick a bouquet while you kneel

With a hole in the roof
Where the outside comes in
I won’t scale up the ladder
Though weather threatens
Skies pouring down grey
When I walk away

Touch rocks rolled by the sea
From our summers past
I’ll leave a peach on a plate
A rose in a glass
And look the other way
When I walk away

You won’t know what hit you
But you’ll notice that
The lights got left on
You’ve got a choice
You can shut ‘em all out
Or let ‘em burn
Till this house falls down

You’re not to blame
It’s nothing you did
It’s all about me
And how I’ve got to live


Life Grows Back
On A Night Before Christmas (Live)
Cool Morning
The Song Inside
From Where You Are
Sloan Wainwright (self-titled)

Set List

Sloan and bandmates perform a 90 minute straight set, or two 45 minute sets with a 20 minute break in-between. Sloan will perform selections from all four of her CD releases and will vary the program depending upon the type and style of the venue and audience. Sloan's songs are all original to the artist.