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Back of the Bus

Written By: Derrick "Prophesy" Burks & Cornelius "Slo Burn" Taylor

1st Verse

My thoughts circulate like the earth's orbit/
I think of all the killings and murders in God's
It's like the value of life is not enormous/
It's like death's the light the keeps us forward/
And my award is the aura of art/
The back of the bus, the root of the start/
Viewing the park where kids play tag, but the growing
so fast/
Due to dead beat dads and mothers who never had/
A clue at all, being responsible is comical/
No longer childhood life seeming probable/
Facts discussed from the ash to the dust/
As my thoughts formulate on the back of the bus/
Passion and lust, regrets, mistakes, my head aches/
As I look over my land base, my head shakes/
At the thought we was getting major/
But niggaz can't be president, but we can be governed
by Arnold Shwrenznager


These are just my thoughts
Formulated on the back of the bus
Just some food for thought
that came when I was on the back of the bus

2nd Verse

On the back of this bus I never lose touch/
Take my seat calmly cuz I ain't in a rush/
Tears flush down my eyes I cry/
As I ride by the scene where one of my peeps died/
Cuz life's took for granted and from a distance/
When death's in your position these niggaz get real
Now they praying with chains and crucifixes/
Tattoos on they arms abusing Christians/
Instead of lasting we running for caskets/
Cherishing fashion in the present and past tense/
Til the dust and ashes summon the sadness/
The black leaders blasted, I speak to the masses/
And asking myself, am I a hypocrite ?
If I was drunk would I get down and hit a bitch ?
Then I tumbled with laughter/
Forgetting that the stop I needed had already been
passed up/


3rd Verse

The wind came so I'm waiting for rain/
As I entertained by old folks speaking they slang/
The answers called but never explained/
They cloning animals and nothing for aids/
Cuz these days it's money that keep us breathing/
The moment they stop receiving the funerals
I'm thinking in evenings, when the stars emerge/
When you 18 you can enter army reserves/
But you can't have a drink to splurge until you 21/
But that's alright cuz they'll teach you how to load a
Gentrification, implored with niggaz/
But every ghetto in the U.S. got stores for liquor/
But they don't exist in Hollywood/
I mean they probably could/
If you don't see the irony they trying to slide the
Every source to endorse the massacre/
So why the fuck they take us off the shores of Africa/