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SLOT-A, Multi-talented Emcee currently living in Chicago, IL, originally from Ypsilanti, Mi. Has been ripping up stages, and putting smiles on the faces of fans, with songs like, "Ah Shit" and "Grammy Night." With a passion for performing, set him apart from his competition.


S.L.O.T.-A. (Second Letter Of The Alphabet).

He's the type of guy you feel like you've known forever upon meeting him. He's the type who is outwardly hilarious and inwardly thoughtful. He's focused. He's passionate. He's excellent at what he does. He's S.L.O.T.-A.

Some people make music for the money, some do it for the girls, and others do it for the love. After the untimely passing of his father, S.L.O.T.-A . honed in on his passion for music as an outlet for his pain. With roots in house and drum & bass production, it was SLOT's brother Smurf who introduced him to hip hop culture in his hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan. He instantly fell in love. Studying the greats such as Dr. Dre, Battle Cat, Jelly Roll and Just Blaze helped SLOT to master his craft and garner a bevy of production credits as well as generate heavy demand for his music while attending Chicago's Columbia College. During his brief residence in Chi-town, SLOT scored a radio hit with "I get in" by Doe Boy and "Make You Move" Ft. Pheave By FOKUS.

Living in the Guwanas projects of Brooklyn , New York presented SLOT-A a new perspective of not only music, but also on living life. Abandoning college to pursue his dream afforded SLOT the opportunity to explore new facets of music production, as he was able to dedicate more time to his craft. Free of the restrictions of academia, Mr. Bollar applied laser like focus to his art form, becoming more aware of his talents and minimizing the margin for error.

It is no surprise that SLOT, a man who had so much passion for music he stole production software, is no stranger to hustling as a means to get ahead. From sleeping at train stops in New York, to crashing at a packed dorm in Chicago, SLOT-A will do anything to further his musical career. That kind of drive and determination is indicative of the SLOT-A that the world will SOON know and love.


(2006) The Ugly Phase E.P.
-(2006)"AH SHIT"
-(2006)"On Point"
-(2006)"Authentic Conversation"
-(2006) "Like This"

Set List

10-25 Minutes

-Ah Shit
-On Point
-Go Ladies
-Authentic Conversation
-Grammy Night
-Like This