Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Slot-A (Producer/DJ), DJed opening for Bun B, Twista, Freddie Gibbs & at 2011's A3C/// Production on Jersey Shore, ABC's The Greek &Stomp The Yard 2 ///


If Barron 'Slot-A' Bollar had things his way he would've been gifted with mental telepathy (the gift to read minds) such as Professor X. Although, he can't read minds he does have the ability to produce a beat, mix it perfectly into a track and convince ears to love it, lips to sing and bodies to move.

As a producer, DJ and songwriter, Slot-A, has fallen in love with the art of creating music. Something that began as mere fun to him in 8th grade has become the life he now devotes his time to.

His older brother Smurf, who was a rapper, introduced him to the hip-hop culture in his hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Many of his days and nights were spent downloading software and teaching himself to make beats in all genres from house music to rap music.

Music also became an escape from the world around him as he experienced the death of his father. Losing the person who will forever be his hero, served as an extra push for him to pursue music as it [music] offered him comfort in one of the lowest points of his life.

From Michigan to New York to Chicago back to Michigan he experienced homelessness, sleeping on many couches all in efforts to gain experience and success. He spent many years grinding and it eventually paid off.

Living in Chicago, he now produces everything from underground hip-hop to synthesized 'pop- esque' rap music. He recently scored his first television placement on MTV's Jersey Shore with the song 'Earth Girls Remix' by Mr. Robotic, on which he served as the producer. Since then he has executive produced 'Tale of Two's City (Vol. 2-4)' by Add-2 and he's also landed many television/movie placements including E!, Jersey Shore, Taking the Stage, Stomp the Yard 2 and Skyline. Other artists he's worked with include Gerald Walker and Buff1. He's also working on his own venture testing out his DJing skills on the road.

Much of his free time is still spent studying hip-hop greats such as Dr. Dre, Battle Cat, Jay Dilla and Just Blaze in efforts to master his craft and garner a bevy of production credits. He also contributes his musical growth and inspiration to the many mentors he had growing up. Big Rob and Mikal White are a few of the people who showed him the ropes growing up and presented him with the many opportunities he had in music.

'Music changed my life because it turned it in a direction that no one would've ever envisioned for me. If I wasn't doing music right now I would probably be an airline pilot or a UPS driver.' 'Slot A


Slot-A Projects:
-Slot-A x Gucci Mane - "Boom Trap Remixes"
-Slot-A - "The Foundation Beat Tape
-Slot-A - "War Machine Remixes"

Slot-A Production Discography:
"Dirty Ghetto Kids" by Add-2
"Dirty Ghetto Kids" (Slot-A Remix) by Add-2
"Dream Girl" by Add-2
"Tale of Two’s City Vol 2": By Add-2 (Executive Produced)
"Tale of Two’s City Vol 3": By Add-2 (Executive Produced)
"Tale of Two’s City Vol 4": By Add-2 (Executive Produced)
"Getting Started" By Amanda Diva
"Supasonic Supanova" by Amanda Diva
"I Can See" by Amanda Diva"
"Mama Song" by Buff-1
"Class ft. Marv-won" By Buff-1
"I Remember, When This All Meant Something" By Gerald Walker
"For My Ex" by GhostWridah
"Earth Girls (Remix)" by Mr Robotic
"We Got Em (Remix)" by Mr Robotic
"Kiss & Tell" by Mr Robotic
"It's Your World" By Neak Undefined (Co-produced by INTLMC)
"Ready To Go" By Neak Undefined