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A funky, soulful and rocking mix of music hits Club Fred.By Mike Osegueda / The Fresno Bee04/06/07 04:43:50
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Slow Car Crash, bill, 40 Watt Hype and The Fusion Porn 9 p.m. Saturday at Club Fred. Tickets: $6

With apologies to a lot of opening acts out there, it's rare to find a show in which all four bands on the bill are super interesting.

But Saturday's show at Club Fred is just that. It's gonna be one funky, soulful and rocking mix of music, both local and touring.

So let's meet the bands:

Slow Car Crash: The most buzzed-about of the four, Slow Car Crash has had people talking for a couple months, after frontman Omarr Escoffie played a few acoustic shows in Fresno back in January.

People loved his Jeff Buckley-esque, soulful style. This time, he's bringing his whole band up from Hollywood. - Mike Osegueda - The Fresno Bee

"Passport Interview"


1. What’s in the name/what’s in the title ? At the time the band was named, I was basically homeless living in various rehearsal studios, couches, etc. My good friend John’s family would take me in during the holidays as if I was one of their own. A few years later, the father of the family was diagnosed with cancer. I was living in Northern California and would call John to check on him at which time he said the cancer and eventual death of his father felt like a slow car crash in that you knew it was something imminent but had time to think about it. I named my band that in deference to his father and his friendship. The name could also mean something that is slowly falling apart, ie a relationship, drug addiction, etc. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to make their own interpretation of it.

2. What’s your first musical memory ? I was the youngest of 3 brothers so I would say being around them and listening to what they listened to: Steely Dan, The Beatles, AC/DC, Cheap Trick. My first favorite band was KISS before I knew any better…

3. First cd/lp you bought ? KISS Dynasty

4. At which moment did you decide that your music had to be heard ? I’d always had the fantasy of becoming a rock star, I played my first show at 14. Of course, back then it was more in my head than actually worth listening to.

5. What was the biggest musical step you took so far ? I think the biggest steps come in terms of the quality of the songs. I think our latest record, “The Trip We Planned” is the best I’ve ever done, so I would say the release of this one.

6. Biggest wish ? To continue performing and expand my audience and musicality.

7. Best concert you ever saw ? I’ve seen some good ones. At different times in my life, they each had their own significance. Metallica during the Ride The Lightning tour with Cliff Burton. Jamiroquai on the Return of the Space Cowboy tour. I guess those 2 would have the most weight.

8. Who would you chose to sing “Love Hurts” with (and you can’t ask for Emmylou) ? Good question. I would say any of the following, although they would greatly outshine me: Etta, Dinah Washington, Mary J, Jill Scott.

9. It’s the end of the world and everybody knows it and they ask you to sing one more song for the whole wide world ! Which one are going to pick ? Wow, I guess it’d be something like What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. But, I’d really have to think about that one…

10. What’s up for the next couple of months ? Touring here in the US. Try to get out to Europe soon but making a push to have this record heard by as many people as possible.

- Hanx

"Music Morsels"

Slow Car Crash - The Trip We Planned

The fourth CD from this intriguing L.A. trio should really put them on the map. Resembling a folkier Keane with wafts of jazz and Hispanic flavorings, there is a catchy undercurrent with a unique overall vibe. Songs like “Never You, Never You” and “Note To Self” seem more rooted in Americana, where “Nowhere to Go” has subtle Motown inflections. The band weaves all this together to create music that grabs you with sincerity and talent. -

"The Toledo Show and Slow Car Crash"

The group to open the show was indeed the best local band for such an event, and goes by the name of Slow Car Crash. The band is usually comprised of at least two of the same musicians and a cast of others that come and go. But the brainchild behind most of, if not all of the music arrangements and lyrics, is the rather dubious and often mysterious Omarr Enrique Antonio Allegre Jr. This man and his cohorts have been causing quite a stir with their brand of soul rock with a twinge of R&B all over Nor Cal for quite awhile now with gigs in Sacto and Berzerkeley. Their set on Tuesday was different from others I had been to in the past for it consisted of an assortment of electronic goodies, Omarr, and a mad scientist of a keyboard player and professional knob turner known simply as Justin. I dug their set a great deal because Omarr and his crew have somehow forged with their sound an almost drum and bass vibe with a hint of classic rhythm and blues. All the more reason to check it out, right? - The Synthesis Magazine

"Slow Car Crash Come Out And Play Tonight CD review"

It's a damn pity we're losing this band. Over the past few years, Omarr Escoffie and his group Slow Car Crash have offered some of the most consistently impressive and enjoyable music ever produced in Chico. But now they've set their collective eye on Hollywood and possible fame. So who can blame them for wanting to escape the dreamy, lotus-eating vale of Chico? Still, they've left us with a beautiful parting gift by way of this new CD. Joseph Gauthier's "Swear" kicks things off with ghostly synth chords and a programmed, electronic drum riff (the band's never really used a "real" drummer). Omarr's strong tenor slides in over it all: "As I look through your window/ I can see the sun shinin' in/ And I can forget everyone and everything/ As I breathe you in. ..." Escoffie's "No. 14" features a beautiful falsetto and Medhi Belahbib's cello nicely underpinning the rising melody. "Sugar" is eminently danceable soul. Frankly, the entire CD is eclectic and mighty impressive; no wonder the group is just itching to test its mettle against the big shots. Still, Slow Car Crash will be missed. - Chico New and Review

"HopeOn The Other Side EP review"

Funk and pop are weaved into this Motown era pop single by Slow Car Crash. “Everyday” is the b-side and reminds me a bit of a smoother and more mature New Edition (back in the day, not now when they don’t have Bobby Brown). But they mix in rock elements with their huge adult contemporary vocal arrangements. As a bonus, “Como Una Flor” is thrown in with a tremendous break beat, retro organ and keyboards, and flowing bass line. If you appreciate great catchy vocals, than treat yourself to a Slow Car Crash. -

"Slow Car Crash brings the funk"

Ben Kelly
Entertainment Editor

There was plenty of action downtown last weekend with most bars and clubs filled to capacity. With a wide selection of live music to choose from, it was hard to decide whom to see.

Among the many venues was Mr. Lucky (formerly the 319 Club). This club is located in the heart of the Chico bar strip and was host to Slow Car Crash, Organic Jukebox and Spencer last Saturday night. Mr. Lucky set the right price at the door, a mere three dollars for an evening of talented, eclectic music.

Spencer was the first to be up and rocking. They had a pop-thrash sound with slow, mellow verses and hard, heavily distorted choruses. Soft melodic vocals led to cymbal-filled moments of emotional release.

This foursome had a very powerful way of singing love ballads. Even though the vocals for Spencer were too low, the lead singer's lyrics could still be heard as he tried for the tear jerking effect.

Spencer's set included 14 songs with titles such as "Disgruntled Postmen," Oh Jenny," "Sorry," "No Use for your Cries" and "Restless." Their style was much like Weezer as they covered one of its songs "My Name is Jonas."

As they powered through their set, they kept the between-song comments to a minimum. At one point, however, the singer announced, "This song goes out to O.J. for teaching me how to get chicks." The flattered audience member came to the stage to give thanks to the band and to heckle them a little as well.

The members of Spencer did appear quite young and were introverted on stage. They had a shy, don't-hurt-us look on their faces probably because they were a band of high school kids in a college environment. Other than their lack of stage presence, Spencer had a very impressive and forceful set.

Next up was a complete change from the previous band. Organic Jukebox graced the stage and provided mellow, unabrasive sounds that gave everyone in the bar a chance to chat as if their tunes were flowing from the background like a conventional jukebox.

Organic Jukebox used a simple three-piece lineup free from any guitar distortion or power chords. Their songs were reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, Paul Simon and Leonard Skynard, with elements of jazz, country and bluegrass.

Their songs, such as "The Valley," "Road Less Traveled," "Sun and Moon" and "Take a Stand," contained intricate guitar melodies and easy-going, galloping drum beats that were played at times with brushes instead of sticks.

The band looked very peaceful on stage as they grooved up and down to their tunes. The members occasionally glanced at each other and bobbed their heads during their songs' tempo changes. The highlight of Organic Jukebox's performance was the guitarist's ability to perform very technical solos up and down the frets.

Everyone was pretty liquored up by the time Slow Car Crash hit the stage. They had an impressive band fronted by bassist Omar Escoffie and female vocalists Christina Brown and Jen Isaacs. The band also consisted of a cello player, drummer, guitarist, keyboardist and programming coordinator. The stage was just big enough to contain Slow Car Crash's company of performers.

They opened with a lounge version of Easy-E's "Boys in the Hood," which was unexpected and refreshing. Slow Car Crash's songs were groovy and funky, with the sexual feeling of Marvin Gaye. Among their songs was even a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on" that encouraged everyone in the crowd to get down and do the nasty.

Brown and Isaacs had an awesome stage presence. They danced and grooved with choreographed motions that gave them the diva look of Aretha Franklin. Their combined vocals were very satisfying as they poured their hearts out on each tune.

Escoffie also had the duty of lead vocals in addition to pumping out his flowing bass lines. He had a powerful voice that filled the walls of Mr. Lucky with soul on such songs as "Sugar," "Times in April" and "White Papa Gold." He also busted into a rap song called "Untouchable" with the line "I... like... bitches!"

Escoffie also kept audience smiling by announcing, "I got this wild idea. I think I'm going to take my pants off." He then dropped his jeans to reveal his trademark tight rubber pants that he had on underneath.

Overall, Slow Car Crash positive, funky sounds created a really cool club atmosphere that let everybody have a good time. Their tunes are best described as peaceful, lets-make-love-tonight, sexual groove music.
- The Orion CSUChico

"Slow Car Crash"

Although advertised to begin at 8 p.m., LA’s Slow Car Crash took the small corner stage some time after 10. The crowd was thin and more interested in the Italian cuisine before them than the foursome about to begin. But for those paying attention, there were two things that immediately stood out about Slow Car Crash: keyboardist Danallen Atkins’ humongous afro and singer Omarr Escoffie's rockabilly swing look. A black suit and red tie are very good.

Once the music began, pizza and pasta were slowly abandoned and all attention turned to the corner. The man who held center stage contained a presence much larger than his body. Intelligent and sensual, he performed as if he were in a room of friends rather than only moderately interestedstrangers. Escoffie’s confidence, strong vocals, and nimble guitar playing drew the audience in and it wasn’t long before even the disinterested were forced to take notice. The stage was small and the group wasn’t able to move much, but with a voice like that, who needs the distraction of movement?

Sounding like a combination of Dave Matthews and the softer side of Sublime, Slow Car Crash successfully blends pop, R&B and a touch of Latin flavor that evokes a sentiment of warmth and the need to gather with your closest friends and lovers. It just feels good.
Visit them online at to get a little taste of what they have to offer. - Zero Magazine


Have you heard? There is a new Lloyds’ in town at 1710 S.W. 9th Ave., Battleground, Wash.; another great culinary delight in your area!

The Grill is spacious and provides an open design with separated restaurant, bar and dance floor with an inviting outdoor patio. The casual scene is well-appointed in leather seating and booths providing comfortable accommodations and generous space. Serious planning went into making this a favorite place to visit and re-visit.

Owners Lloyd and Lisa Taylor focused their energy on a robust menu that includes creative entrees like ravioli frette, roasted chicken nachos, a half-dozen gourmet salads, classic sandwiches, juicy steaks. Imagine a Flat Iron “Steak Sandwich with Bourbon Onions and Bailey’s Night Out Cheesecake.”

The extreme sound system will provide the best quality in audio while you hang out and enjoy this cool new venue. It’s a “must-see-and-hear-to-believe grill and bar with live music.”

Diesel Artist Management presents The Northwest tour of two stellar contemporary rock bands from Los Angeles, Calif. If you like the music of U2 or Coldplay, you will enjoy these gifted musicians. Steve Carson‘s vocals are reminiscent of Bono, but you will soon sense his own style, not to be overlooked. Omarr Escoffie and Slow Car Crash provide another dimension in original rock. If you are a musician, you will not want to miss this show. Artists in kind dig watching these guys perform.

The guys are headed up the I-5 Corridor the second week in July and will perform live one night only at Lloyds Grill, Thursday, July 13. Come early for dinner but stay late for the music; and note there will be a free raffle for numerous prizes, including a cruise on the Portland Spirit at 10 p.m. sharp!

With their latest performance in April, a sold-out evening at the White Eagle in Portland, the bands received a non-stop trail of phone calls, emails and letters. Northwest fans love these guys! Check out their website and view the photos of the gig at and visit

For promotions or bookings that include Exclusive Venues with Class, please contact: Ted at or in the NW, contact Ginger at
- Positively Entertainment


Ambivalence (1999)
Come Out and Play Tonight (2001)
Hope On The Other Side EP (2004)
The Trip We Planned (2006)



Slow Car Crash – The Trip We Planned

"The Trip We Planned" is the 4th release from Slow Car Crash. Singer songwriter Omarr Escoffie's songs have found their own identity. The proof is in the 11 songs on this, the most solid and complete recording to date. After two and a half years of solid touring and performing, Slow Car Crash has perfected the art of performing live and has built a loyal following along the West Coast.

Together with drummer/co-producer Nick Amoroso and the late, great keyboardist Danallan Atkins, along with various LA players such as bassist Brian Duke Song (The Haskells), percussionist Mark Cervantes (Smashmouth), guitarist Michael Anderson (Adam and the Weight, Revision 6), engineer/co-producer/guitarist David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops), and a host of others, SCC's “The Trip We Planned” solidifies the band's musical journey and vision.

Slow Car Crash has opened for the likes of Scapegoat Wax, Imperial Teen, Ozomatli, B Side Players, Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, Jesse Denatale, Jonathan Richman, The Toledo Show and has sold over 8,000 CD’s worldwide. The live band currently features Escoffie' and a rotating ensemble of musicians including Nick Amoroso-drums, Stephen LeBlanc (A Fine Frenzy)-keyboards, John Miailovich-keyboards, Brian Kukan-bass, and Brian Song-bass. Escoffie' also tours and performs as an acoustic solo act and has garnered many fans along the way.

“The Trip We Planned” is available at,, itunes,, at various record outlets throughout the West Coast and, of course, at every performance.

for more details.

Slow Car Crash
4708 Kester Avenue, Ste. 6
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Ph 323-893-4339
Fax 818-474-7523