Slow Claw

Slow Claw

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"Slow Claw is about three guys, who've been busting their tails for years trying to do music."


With touches of rock, folk, progressive and pop, Slow Claw seamlessly move between, and blend together different genres. In the end it is about creating good songs—songs with grooves, melodies and rich textures that will keep the listeners singing along, even after they’re done with the record. The essence of Slow Claw, though, is captured in their live performance. The music moves the audience through the entire set—taking them from subtle lows to passionate highs in a stream-of-consciousness approach that leaves them wanting more. Before they realize it, the band is handing them percussion instruments and encouraging them to play along with them as one collective musical entity.

In January 2009, the trio traveled to Charleston, SC, to record their debut release, Grandfather Clocks, with Joel T. Hamilton of The Working Title. Drawing from years of musical experience, they were able to capture the raw sound of their live shows without losing the clarity of their song craft. Slow Claw’s pulsing rhythms and addictive grooves push and pull the listener—moving them at their will. Never ones to take the songs too seriously, the guys recorded their first-ever beat-boxing part, for the track, “Everybody”. Along with the hilarious video documentation of the event, the part perfectly sums up the theme of the song—a semi-chaotic scene between friends having a good time.

In an effort to keep their friends, fans and family informed while on the road, Slow Claw created a blog to document their process. They enjoy sharing their experiences and travels and you’ll always find them online—getting work done and staying connected with their different circles of friends. With a full schedule of touring and creating music ahead of them, Slow Claw looks forward to bringing new fans into the fold. Much like their live show, they are always encouraging people to get involved—whether it be with a shaker, tambourine or a couch to crash on.



Written By: Rob Barnes

Counting the black sheep
Rhymes that were spoken to put us to sleep
Oh how did that one go?
But I've got my own and it starts with the line:
"I was sitting a mile high in Colorado."

Someones hand
Plays my organ
Choirs swell and sing
What tomorrow brings

Why can't you get where you're going tonight?
I heard you were broke down
Why don't you stand straight and put up a fight?
I heard you were burned out and lying on the floor
Where did you come from and where did go?

Waking up alive
Guess it means I'm doing fine
It's just another day
Guess it means I'm doing fine

This doesn't seem alright to me

Miss Lady Lately

Written By: Rob Barnes

I smoke too fast with a nervous laugh
It is a cover-up operation--can't you tell
That I know the art of shots in the dark
So if you try your hooks it's much too late.

So sorry miss lady lately

I know that face and I've met your kind
You just want to be reached--your soul to mine
But I was clearly cooked and looking for a change

So sorry miss lady lately

I hope the ending break is clean
But I can't believe some things I've seen
And truth be told if I have the chance
I'll do it again it's a wicked dance


Written By: Rob Barnes

It's a strange occurance
When all of us children meet
And our heals stomping back beats
Making dance floors quake
And we're sing all the songs
Because it's a place
Where everybody knows everybody else

There's a fear in these currents
Sweeping across our feet
Because we know, if not moving
Then we're just sinking deep
But we're singing all the songs
Because it's a place
Where everybody knows everybody else


Grandfather Clocks - Feb. 2009

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