Los Angeles, California, USA

We're old now, but, once upon a time we weren't and we played with Sleater Kinney and Pinback, and were up against Modest Mouse on f'n dial up live concert video feed in 2001 where they were live at the Capitol Theater in Olympia and we were at the Casbah in San Diego, and Pavement stood in the audience when we played at NXWN, and then we went crazy with drugs and sex and writing too many songs and hating each other, and now 2/3'rds of us don't, and we're just trying again. Barely.


Robert Reich: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Daniel Nicholson: Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals, Non-Diegetic Sound


Peter Harb: Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Ian Conley: Bass, Drums, Vocals, John Lyons: Recording, Bass, Todd Drootin: Programming, Stefanie Drootin: Keyboards, Brian Watson: Drums


The Raygun LP, Pacific Rock Records, 1999
New Strategies Are Necessary, This Is Not Solid Ground, Silvergirl Records, 2000
Like How A Foggy Night Mocks Your Eyesight, Pacific Rock Records, 2002
The Bitters EP, Pacific Rock Records, 2002
"ODB F Master P", Why Is Anything Forbidden? Compilation, Deathbomb Arc Records, 2002