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"Irie Bean Coffee Bar"

"As one of the many local music venues in Austin, we see a lot of talent come across our stage and Slow Down Lady is a group we are happy to host on a regular basis. Their folk/americana style boasts consistently good songs, like one of those albums you can let play all the way through. Supported by strong vocals from Abby Peck and Andrew Crosby and the musical talent of Keith Levy on guitar and Adam Klaybor on drums, Slow Down Lady is an act you can feel good about bringing people out to see over and over again."

-Angela Zerda
Owner, Irie Bean Coffee Bar, Austin, TX - Angela Zerda

"Maggie's Austin"

"Its finally Friday! Tonight, head to Tiniest Bar in Texas at 7:30 pm to see local act Slow Down Lady Perform. I have seen these southern rockers perform on many occasions and it is always a good time. Live music paired with a Firemans 4 at the Tiniest Bar? Perfect Austin night."

-Maggie Hoffman
Maggie's Austin - Maggie Hoffman


"Last night at The Saxon Pub, Austin band Slow Down Lady gave a tremendous performance for the late night special. This local blues rock band has formed some deep roots in signature Austin spots such as The Tiniest Bar in Texas, Carousel Lounge, The Saxon Pub, and Irie Bean Coffee Bar. The group’s expert balance between Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters throw-backs and vocal lines reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Mavis Staples reveals the musical prowess engrained in each band member.

Singer Abby Peck has some killer pipes that will leave any music enthusiast wanting more and every female vocalist green with envy. Her feminine charisma reminds me of Austin favorite Toni Price, with a few more dance moves and little less whiskey. She has a vast talent that ranges from high-energy wailin’ to sweet, slowed down acoustic.

During the show last night the group played songs showcasing the many facets of Slow Down Lady’s talented musicians, including originals and covers. Guitarist Keith Levy and Bass player Shelby Stephens both took the vocal reigns occasionally, and led a few themselves. Between jam numbers, acoustic sets, and rockin’ blues pieces, this group has something to offer the live music scene of Austin that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Check out their artist page on Do512 to find out about upcoming shows around town!"

-Grace Gibson -

"Saxon Pub"

"Slow Down Lady is one of the best young bands to come our way in quite a while. Catch them now while you can still get in!"

-Joe Ables
Owner, Saxon Pub, Austin, TX - Joe Ables

"Envy Magazine"

"If you dig Muddy Waters, Janis Joplin or Mavis Staples, then Slow Down Lady will definitely hit you in your soft spot."

- Beth Stockwell, Envy Magazine - Envy Magazine


Slow Down Lady, EP (2/2/10)



Though they wouldn’t officially take the name Slow Down Lady until months later, the Austin quintet’s roots were founded in April of 2008, when lead guitarist Keith Levy pulled a wild card from his sleeve.

“One day Keith came up to me,” remembers songwriter and rhythm guitarist Andrew Crosby, “and he just said, ‘You gotta meet this girl Abby Peck. She’s a raw talent. She’s got something.’”

Levy says he saw that something the moment he first heard her sing. “When people hear her voice they want to stop and listen. I haven’t met too many people like that, and I know that I haven’t been fortunate enough to play with a talent like that before.”

With the addition of Peck to Crosby, Levy and drummer Adam Klaybor, Slow Down Lady was born. But they wouldn’t mold into the soulful Americana outfit they are today until bassist Shelby Stephens joined the group in January 2009. Levy suggests that the addition of a low end to the picture has helped the band beyond imagination.

“Completing that picture and adding a bass player has really done a lot,” the songwriter/guitarist suggests. “But it’s also helped that Shelby’s such a creative dude and writes a lot, because he needs an outlet just as badly as the rest of us.”

The progress is clear as day. Once dominated by Crosby’s folk-roots songs, Slow Down Lady has evolved into a tough-as-nails blues rock band perfectly at home playing such legendary Austin venues as Momo’s and the Saxon Pub.

“Originally, the band’s songs catered to what Crosby was doing,” Levy admits. “But I think we’ve grown into this spot where we can take anyone’s songs and turn them into a Slow Down Lady song, which is a great spot to be in. And I’ve seen that the songs have only gotten better. There’s a lot of collaboration, and I think that’s made our songs and our band and our shows only better.”

The band’s set to go into the studio to record their debut EP in late September, and they’re poised for a push to become regulars on Austin’s Americana scene. Surely Slow Down Lady’s up for the challenge.

“I think that’s why we’re here,” says Levy. “We want to make music that stands up to the best in Austin. If you can make it in Austin, you can make it anywhere. We haven’t made it here yet, not by a long shot. But I’d rather be grinding it out here than be the best thing in Indianapolis.”

Chase Hoffberger, September 2009