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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2001
Band EDM Rock




"Beautiful Machines Review"

"SlowEarth has cobbled together bits of assorted electronica with big beat and drum n bass elements prevalent and added an electro-pop rock veneer. Hints of Prodigy intermingle with Massive Attack. Throw in lyrics infused with sex and some of the raw feel of early Nine Inch Nails, and you have a collection of songs that seems conducive to coaxing the clothes off the object of your desire..."

- Jonathan Putnan
- Southeast Performer

"Beautiful Machines Review"

"Known for providing listeners with dance grooves, Atlanta's SlowEarth does not disappoint with its most recent release, Beautiful Machines."

- Aysha
- Prick Magazine


"While the electronic influences prevail, slowEarth throws in enough rock dynamics to keep things interesting, creating a chocolate-and-peanut-butter effect: two great tastes that taste great together."
- Kevin Forest Moreau - Sunday Paper

"Radio Promo"

"I absolutely love this stuff - it's very techno-popish, and shows a great mastery of electronic music. "

- Steve Craig
- 99x WNNX Atlanta


"slow Earth manage to seep themselves in 1980s New Romantic Synth-Pop and sound contemporary at the same time, incorporating everything rhythm-wise from disco to techno. The band is careful not to get into a rhythm rut, and use wah-wah pedals over the layered rhythms and heavy dubs to help propel the music, which, by the way, they refer to as Electro Phreak Rock."
- Linda Ryan -


"What kind of music is slowEarth? It is, quite simply, the type of music that you've been looking for- for any of your varying moods. The lyrics and sounds are passionate and clear. slowEarth is not bound by any one musical genre...they've created an addictive sound."
- derrick peavey - University Signal

"SlowEarth on Sunday School"

"In a musical climate where everything seems to sound more and more the same, slowEarth offer a refreshing change of pace...front man Zach Solem combines Ed Kowalczyk charisma, with Trent Reznor intensity and comes out with a style all his own, a live show not to be missed..."

- Jay Harren - Music Director/Host 99X Sunday School - 99x WNNX Atlanta


"Mixing live instruments with sampled beats and noises, they had the audience swimming in an eclectic pool of sound waves. Melodic songwriting was balanced by adventurous experimentation and occasional punk-like outbursts of volume and energy. It's obvious that these guys are exploring the cutting edge, and that's always refreshing."

- chico - Atlanta Music Scene

"SlowEarth Live Review"

"slowEarth, a promising live act with electronic leanings, who could be the next 'it' band for Atlanta's progressive hipsters."

- Roni Sarig - Creative Loafing


Still working on that hot first release.



After years of success in the 90s in the industrial rock scene, CAGE's DIY electro-prog-rockers - Zach Solem, Ben Thomas, Joe Price and Richard Farmer - returned to the studio to redefine and diversify their ever-evolving 'sound' and re-emerged in 2001 with a new identity: SlowEarth. Melding hard-hitting dance beats with searing synths and groovy basslines in support of an eclectic blend of melody and lyrical sensitivity, the band assembled a cohesive, electro-dominated group of songs that would become their first release as SlowEarth. In deference to their older identity, this freshman album would be named CAGE.

Upon receiving an overwhelmingly positive reception and growing fan-base, SlowEarth began work on the follow up to CAGE. With a fresh look at their methodology and art, they fine-tuned their distinctive sound with a heavy dose of electronic experimentation and released the critically-acclaimed synth-heavy album EDGE in the winter of 2003.

By 2005, SlowEarth had earned their place on a short list of "go-to" bands for regional festivals and national act support. In 2007, SlowEarth released their third and most anticipated release, entitled BEAUTIFUL MACHINES. The 12-track album best represents the band’s lyrical aplomb as well as their talent at crafting soundscapes from hard-hitting synths, big beats and experimental guitars.

In 2011, SlowEarth released a limited pressing double-disk of B-sides and unreleased material spanning the band’s entire career, aptly titled VAULT.

Beginning in 2011, SlowEarth began focusing all of their time and resources towards finalizing their most ambitious effort to date: a thematic double-album magnum opus entitled CONSTRUCT. SlowEarth wrote CONSTRUCT as an artistic catharsis: a concept piece seamlessly connected by interludes, prologs and epilogs, all under a thematically continuous umbrella. Lyrically, the album revolves around the impact of government, technology, and capitalism on our society’s interconnectivity – and its chaotic disconnectivity. This album represents the summation of a decade’s worth of reflection, mind-numbing paradox, and pivotal frustration, and erupts with melody and lyrics that are sure to at once satisfy and disturb. Loyal SlowEarth fans have come to crave the hard hitting electro-rock beats the band is known for, and CONSTRUCT certainly delivers, with added sensuality of rhythmic movement and highly ethereal undercurrents. CONSTRUCT will reveal SlowEarth’s most vulnerable side, and it is heartfelt and ruthless. Sounds like Killing Joke, Gary Numan and The Crystal Method making the modern day American version of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Over 2 years in the making and clocking in at almost one and a half hours, this is a massive album.

To sample CONSTRUCT, SlowEarth have uploaded their brand new videos 'Gods of War' and 'Judgement Day' as-well-as not yet released tracks 'La Dolce Vita' and 'Carpe' EXCLUSIVELY to their Sonicbids EPK!

In preparation for CONSTRUCT’s release, SlowEarth has opted to satiate fans with a teaser EP: TASTE. This sampler includes fan-favorite electro-dance-rock songs selected from each of their four independently released albums as well as two new tracks from CONSTRUCT and one TASTE exclusive remix by the infamous Pull Out Kings.

SlowEarth’s dedication to the hybrid form through five independent critically-acclaimed full-length releases and non-stop performance has earned them mounting national accolades. The trajectory has been marked: FULL AHEAD.

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