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"A Special band"

by Leah Williams Wright~Nightlife~

Hard rock doesn't necessarily mean the lead singer has to swallow the microphone to be considered entertaining.
"There are no Cookie Monster vocals," guitarist Jim Means of Slow Intentional Damage said. "We play love songs with a lot of hatred. We like to call it metal with a melody."
The Danville band will be part of a quadruple-threat metal-madness showcase Saturday, March 8 at Mugsy's Entertainment Center. Also performing are Annihilate the Hero, Deadwater, and Hunter Seeker.
Means explained that by fusing blues and rock elements into hard-driving music, the band has been able to keep true sentiments at their core.
"We want to be able to turn people on to original music again," Means said.
And Slow Intentional Damage may be the most giving rock/metal band listeners ever meet.
Started just two years ago, the group has been touring coast-to-coast thanks to Weekend Swap Tours. In this innovative system, Slow Intentional Damage hosts an out-of-town band in Danville, then requires their guests to return the favor in their hometown within thirty days.
The band has performed more than sixty shows in the year, playing three weeks out of the month. The Mugsy's show was swapped with Hunter Seeker through Gothic Kitty Networking, Means said.
"We originally set [Weekend Swap Tours] up thinking that we would be the sole winners," he said. "But then we realized that it's a win-win situation. We're no different than anyone."
Means said the system has allowed his band to play with a multitude of artists. From bluegrass and rockabilly to fellow rock 'n' rollers, Weekend Swap Tours is open to musicians across the board.
According to a MySpace blog, in July, Weekend Swap Tours welcomed new partner T-Rose, which expanded the business to include hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues artists.
The swapping works, Means said, because it's centered on the basic notion that weekend gigs are more profitable for everyone involved.
"We've been screwed over so many times," he said. "But we realize that a Tuesday night in Omaha doesn't do us much good compared to a weekend somewhere else."
In addition to promotional packaging, Slow Intentional Damage has ventured into sending free music to soldiers overseas. The soon-to-be nonprofit organization will distribute donated CDs to the troops.
The only cost for musicians will be for the CDs themselves, but "the benefits of gaining new fans is well worth it," Slow Intentional Damage said on a MySpace page. "This is for all genres who are willing to donate their music to the defenders of this great country.
The group will also make compilation CDs for the troops.
For more information or to listen to Slow Intentional Damage, log on to <>. For more about booking a gig through Weekend Swap Tours, log on to <>.

- Southern Illinois Nightlife


~Unstoppable~ yet to be released on Turkey Vulture Records in early 2010



Slow Intentional Damage has been in existance in one form or another for many years. Brad Lamb(former Ulcer-Zinterim) left Florida with the idea of assembling the band he had always wanted. After the induction of bass player Josh Turner(former blackwater)and former drummer Scott Meece(current 13th Apostle) the band began to gain momentum. Later Doug Howell(former Boomslang-13th Apostle) and Jim Means(former Clio) came in on guitar to round out(they're fat) the lineup which is soon to have their label debut out on Turkey Vulture Records in summer '09. The release will be available in stores worldwide and online anywhere music is sold. The band is now making plans to support the much anticipated release with touring Europe and the USA for the next year. Our site is operated by band members, we are here to talk to and do anything that may help anyone. The band stays booked usuallly at least three months out mainly due to the development of the gig trading network Weekend Swap Tours(our top friends). Weekend Swap Tours has allowed us to meet and play with many great bands all throughout the USA. The name slow intentional damage refers to the living process which most people lead by drinking, smoking, stressful situations, unhealthy relationships and the things we all subject ourselves to daily. The band is extremely devoted, motivated and goal oriented. The long term goal includes being able to do what we love for the people who love it for as long as possible. Our short term includes making our coming release as big as humanly possible. We need and appreciate you helping us in reaching it. Without the ones who love what we do, we do nothing...