Slow Intentional Damage

Slow Intentional Damage


Hard working band with catchy songs which every song has its own completely different style than the one before or after it. Excellent production on our upcoming label debut, we plan to be out supporting our album whatever it takes~


Slow Intentional Damage has been in existance in one form or another for many years. Brad Lamb(former Ulcer-Zinterim) left Florida with the idea of assembling the band he had always wanted. After the induction of bass player Josh Turner(former blackwater)and former drummer Scott Meece(current 13th Apostle) the band began to gain momentum. Later Doug Howell(former Boomslang-13th Apostle) and Jim Means(former Clio) came in on guitar to round out(they're fat) the lineup which is soon to have their label debut out on Turkey Vulture Records in summer '09. The release will be available in stores worldwide and online anywhere music is sold. The band is now making plans to support the much anticipated release with touring Europe and the USA for the next year. Our site is operated by band members, we are here to talk to and do anything that may help anyone. The band stays booked usuallly at least three months out mainly due to the development of the gig trading network Weekend Swap Tours(our top friends). Weekend Swap Tours has allowed us to meet and play with many great bands all throughout the USA. The name slow intentional damage refers to the living process which most people lead by drinking, smoking, stressful situations, unhealthy relationships and the things we all subject ourselves to daily. The band is extremely devoted, motivated and goal oriented. The long term goal includes being able to do what we love for the people who love it for as long as possible. Our short term includes making our coming release as big as humanly possible. We need and appreciate you helping us in reaching it. Without the ones who love what we do, we do nothing...


~Unstoppable~ yet to be released on Turkey Vulture Records in early 2010

Set List

Pills In Hand
Run Away
The Valley
Wake Up
Last Day On Earth