Slow Joe Crow

Slow Joe Crow


Different music that grows on you each and everytime you listen to it. Radically dedicated to playing music. We love to perform and it shows. You will never meet a nicer bunch of fellas.


Slow Joe Crow is 4 men of diverse backgrounds that come together to create new, fresh and totally different music than what is considered mainstream.
Radio friendly music that IS original.
Influences greatly differ betwen each musician which make the union even more unique.
The focus of the group was to break into the music scene as a new genre which they have created.
Its sets them apart, far apart from anyone else.
You will never hear another group as new and refreshing as Slow Joe Crow.


"Secret" Airplay - Yes WCPR FM Biloxi Ms.

"13" Airplay - Yes - WCPR FM Biloxi Ms.
Steaming - Yes on our website.

Set List

Slow joe Crow's "common" set list can be reached through this link.
Yes they do covers songs that way they have the opportunity to set the stage for introduction to their original music and present to the audience in a mixed in manner. They can tell the difference, and usually ask about the songs.
Their repertior can vary from venue to venue, this is why Slow Joe Crow is so diverse.
There isn't anyhing these guys can't cover when they want to.
As the saying goes... you can't all the people happy all the time...Slow Joe Crow does their best to touch each person present on a individual song basis.