Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident

Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident

 Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, FRA

Psychedelic rock quartet & Indian cronner.

The improbable Franco-Indian blues story unanimous discovery of Trans Musicales de Rennes festival 2009.


Slow Joe at 68 years of age, Joe lives on an island of the coast of Goa, in India. There everyone calls him Slow Joe. And Slow Joe has been singing since forever, songs he’s written and improvised throughout the course of his days. The crooner, a lonely wanderer with a voice full of soul and blues, conveys the history of American music in every song.The weight of his voice is as unique as the sadness of love that it suggests. It’s a voice forged by a life spent on the borders of society, as in self-imposed exile. The notebook he fills day after day with his fine writing bears witness to his trials as a former drug addict, despairing lover.

In summer of 2007, Cedric de la Chapelle, a young musician from Lyon, travels to India and crosses paths with Slow Joe. Immediately charmed by Joe’s unique voice, Cedric records Joe singing a capella on a minidisc.

In September of 2007, back in Lyon, Cedric composes the music he imagines for each of Slow Joe’s songs. He then founds Ginger Accident, a rock quartet whose vintage sound emphasizes the richness of the Indian’s writing and melodies.Ginger Accident sets up shop in a studio in Lyon to record the arrangements they’ve created to accompany the a capella songs of Slow Joe recorded in India by Cedric. The results are impressive to listen to: it’s impossible to imagine the distance and time separating Slow Joe and Ginger Accident. They record four songs and thus lay the foundations for extraordinary and masterful album.

In spring of 2009 Caravelle decides to make an offer in response to this unique venture. With the help of Jean-Louis Brossard, director of Transmusicales of Rennes, the young producer from Lyon sends a team to meet Slow Joe with an offer to bring him to France for the first concert of his life, accompanied by Ginger Accident.
Slow Joe accepts. Thus begins an epic administrative saga where Slow Joe must re-register with the Indian administration, into a society he had abandoned for fifty years to live without any documents to prove his existence.

Joe leaves India, destination Rennes and it’s famous festival. Accompanied by Ginger Accident, Slow Joe sings for the first time onstage, hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the country he hadn’t left until then.
A wave of emotion seizes Transmusicales. The voice of the little man from India touches the heart of the audience. It’s a grand success.
The reception from the public and the media is unanimous. The young singer is, at 68 years old, the discovery of Transmusicales 2009. A grand adventure begin...


First Album "SUNNY SIDE UP" / Oct 2011
licensed by believe, distributed by EMI and edited by Sony

Vinyl "Slow joe & the ginger accident" / May 2010
EP / Slow Joe meets the Ginger accident / Oct 2010