Slow Moving Machines

Slow Moving Machines


Diverse styles of music written for guitar, bass, and drums, combining an aggressive yet progressive approach to old genres. We are all good players, good friends, and hard working. We have genuine love for what we do and the people that support us.


Our influences stream all over. We come from a melting pot of culture. We are all pretty young but it's been a long strange trip so far. We grew up seeing many shades of the spectrum. Blues and Funk. Rich and Poor. Rock and Hip-Hop. Black and White. Traditional to Avant-garde. Society and the Subculture. We got it all on the south side of Chicago.
We are not a band of snobby musicians, but We can hang with the best of them. We write music that we like and want to listen to. We try not to pay much attention to what is hot and what is not. Top 40 is for pretty boys and big tittied blondes that can't sing a lic out side the studio. We want to be respected as people and musicians while putting out great records and playing awesome shows. If we don't make a billion dollars doing it so be it. We have lived off scraps for most our lives. You need to get paid but we refuse to sell our souls to do it.
We are an original band. You will here influence but never a blatant rip off of another song or band or even our selves. We do our best to keep things moving for our fans and our own sanity. Our live show speaks for itself. There are no synchronized jumps or pyrotechnics. We don't preach or try and make anyone feel inferior to us. We are the audience! Except we are on stage. You never see the same show twice and you never walk away disappointed.
All in all, I would have to say that we are a bands band. We do our own booking, recording, sound, load in, load out, merch sales, art work, and promotion. We put together events locally. We are not out to change the world, but we do try and put out a good message. We are not out to revolutionize music, but we are sick of hearing the same old crap. We are entertainers and artistes. We are dreamers and realists. We are the Slow Moving Machines. Take us as you will. Thank you for reading about us.


Demo from 2005. 4 songs. Self Titled.

Set List

WE ARE AN ORIGINAL BAND! That is what we are out to promote. Our songs, our lyrics, us as us. We do a few covers and If you yell something out at a show we might play a second of it. But you can take Freebird and shove it. In one of our sets you may hear any one of our originals.
2.Lucky # Twa
4.Waiting for Green
7.Weasle Sex
8.Whiskey Dog Blues
9.Puke Colors
10.Loss of smell
11.Take One
12. Gratify the Machine
13. Revelations
14.Something Easy to Think About
15.Get to Getten
17.The Low Down
21.Yellow Makes Blue
22.Bodies Coming Down
24.Simple and Good
27.Be a Train
28.Sweet Woods
29.Storms (scattered clouds)
30.Smiles Lurcking