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Slow News Day

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our 7 song album 'tomorrow will be better' is available as a free digital download at



Slow News Day is a noisy four-piece rock band that has risen, like the proverbial Phoenix, from the ashes of several bands that nobody - give or take a couple hundred people - ever gave a rat's ass about. Based in Toronto, the band strikes a delicate balance somewhere in the netherworld between Kyuss and the Boo Radleys, Tool and My Bloody Valentine, and Quicksand and Adorable, playing their own unique mix of shoegazer space grunge.

Jon (vocals and skinny strings), Chris (skinny strings and vocals), Trevor (sticks and skins) and Craig (fat strings) are united in their quest to alienate all but the most discerning scenesters, burying melody, hooks and accessible song structure under walls of delayed guitars and pounding rhythms, while refusing to dress the part of the indie hipster.

The band's name is inspired by actual, true real events, involving an acquaintance of the band's, whose minor court case briefly became front page news in Toronto, due to the lack of anything else interesting for the city's rabid media to report on a Tuesday in February (and undoubtedly encouraged by the ability of said media to use the word 'sex' in a front page headline). The name was also chosen on a slow news day for Jon, who happens to work for a small community newspaper, but the first story is way more interesting, so that's the party line. Plus it really is based on true, actual real events.

On the verge of no tour, the band are poised to take over not much, playing their music for only two reasons - fun and personal fulfillment. With the basic ideas for a debut album more or less in place, the occasional show possibly lined up in the relatively near future, and an industrial-sized bin full of ear plugs, nothing stands in the way of Slow News Day's eventual world domination except their own pigheaded commitment to playing music for themselves, and the delusional assumption that the people that are into this sort of self-indulgent, epic-scale pseudo space prog rock will somehow find the band, and become an audience.