Four piece Indie Rock band from New York writing creative, moody music. With lyrics of love lost and love found, they create an enveloping environment of lush reverby soundscapes.


" I have a really bad feeling about tonights show for some reason, I dont know why but I just have a feeling that something bad is going to happend." This was about 2 hours before we took the stage for the final round of Battle of the Bands at SUNY potsdam, Matt (lead Singer) was having bad pre-show karma and we didnt really know where it was coming from, well as it proved to be quite on for the night, we had our worst show. 3 broken stings, 3 guitars, excessive feedback, 3 1/2 min of silence and 5 songs later our set was over and we all walked off stage in a daze. Now those who were there, that witnessed the scene that belonged in Spinal Tap all laugh about it now as well as do we, thats the worst its been, so now you know that atleast if you pay us money to play music thats the worst thing that could happend , and I think that can only happend to a band once anyways. The band is made up of Alex Butler (18), Matt Durkin (19), Jeff Kimball (19), Craig Marrer (20).


The Talking

Written By: Butler, Durkin, Kimball, Marrer

You talk too much
And you scream out loud
But you never let
Us move ours mouths
Ill walk outside
And drift away
While the wind blows me
To this constant flow

You talk too much
You scream out loud

How dare you say
How do you do
While he lays there dying
With a heart so blue
Just take a look
At all that you are
With your little jabs
Youve fucked us all

Youre a wolf among wolves
Theyll eat you alive
Its all what you say
And what you do
Well throw you in the fire

I take a look
Into your eyes
But chills and nightfall
Creep up silently
Ive loved you once
And I took my turn
Now the man after me
Watch where you set your heart

You talk too much
You scream out loud



Repeat the Panic Demo

Set List

We usually play for an hour but have enough material to play for longer.

::Set List::
Broken Scene
Repeat the Panic
One Good Reason
The Talking
Dead Weight
Wake Up Slowly
Love Doesnt Work Here
so on and so on..........