Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Slowriter is a unique blend of sounds that come together smoothly to create a youthful, nostalgic soundscape, with a captivating and interactive live show featuring organic instruments and a projector displaying interesting visuals and personal narrations between songs. Slowriter was recently featured in Creative Loafing and Atlanta Music Guide's "5 Atlanta Bands You Need To Know About". For fans of Flaming Lips, Broken bells, and Beck.


Slowriter’s music is a creative flow of all sorts of sounds, clips, vocals and beats that form an entirely unique blend of music. This ultra-creative, synthy artist samples moments from movies, other songs, books, etc, and turns them into something really interesting to listen to. Slowriter uses these unique sounds and visuals to create a one-of-a-kind crowd-interactive live experience. Slowriter was recently featured in Creative Loafing and Atlanta Music Guide's "5 Atlanta Bands You Need To Know About". 

"…What I witnessed on stage that November night was a cluster of electronics and organic instruments working in harmony to create an experience that was psychedelic and, surprisingly, really catchy. The band garnered the audience’s attention to a screen set up behind them that was playing various scenes which responded to mood of the music wonderfully and often documented the lyrics of the songs. The band played in silhouette on the stage, the low lighting making it easy for them to concentrate on the overall experience they were putting out rather than solely focusing on stage presence. This allowed the band to utilize a plethora of instruments and sounds like: synth drums, tambourine, an extra floor Tom, keys, electronically bowed guitars, and a vocal effects pad whose properties can be heard throughout the EP. ..."

"Slowriter isn't your conventional singer/songwriter act that graces the stage with only words to share and an acoustic guitar. Slowriter's music can be considered acoustic pop with catchy melodies, youthful vocals, and fun electronic elements.  Slowriter as a whole creates something so great and it's an absolute treat to watch live.  I will mention they have released well praised albums that I am a huge fan of,  but I want to talk more about their live show.  I saw Slowriter perform last year and their set-up was significantly different however this time I was surprised to see no drummer and a bassist that no longer played the bass.  Also to my surprise, I felt more connected to the music with this more stripped down performance.  With a projector displaying videos with various scenes from cute dogs, children playing, informercials and even Tiger Woods, really is an element of the live show that holds it's necessary place in their performance.  I do feel nostalgia when listening to Slowriter and also seem to appreciate the less stressful times that youth provided.  Slowriter is a group of musicians that put on an exceptional show, so make sure to check them out next time they play in town."

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2014 - King Of The Void (Full Length)
2012 - TrailBlazer (Full Length)
2011 - Slowriter EP
2009 - What Keeps Me Sane (Full Length)

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We can put a custom set together based on the needs of each show.