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Bolzano, Italy | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Bolzano, Italy | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Metal Southern Rock




"Mondo Metal Webzine"

“Gli Slowtorch fanno le cose sul serio e le fanno maledettamente bene. A distanza di 4 anni da quel "4 Barrel Retribution" ritornano in pista con questo platter denominato "Serpente", tanto curioso quanto affascinante. Suoni caldi e sempre ben bilanciati con un gusto per l'armonia e la melodia sono gli ingredienti vincenti del quartetto di Bolzano. 10 pezzi più intro che fanno la loro bella figura nel panorama stoner, anche se loro sono molto di più. [...] Un applauso dunque per questi ragazzi che faranno proseliti anche tra coloro che, come me, alla musica stoner non sono proprio avvezzi.” - Francesco Noli (Oct 26, 2015)

"Vincebus Eruptum / Heavy - Psych Music Magazine"

“SLOWTORCH are from Bolzano and exist since 2005… I am surprised I never heard of them before, because they have already scored another 3 albums and took part in an important series of tours throughout Europe: mysteries of the digital age that make you be acknowledged about an Aussie combo and not of a band that is just 400 miles away from your home. Anyway…”Snake” is a great stoner/metal album, tough and incisive like only Clutch mange to be…and in facts, the band from Maryland is officially mentioned as a main influence… 11 tracks to be put into your hi-fi player to test the strength of the speakers…” - D. Pansolin (Oct 15, 2014)

"Lords of Metal"

"[T]he band rocks like a swinging udder. Really a band which will get everyone in a small venue to move and dance." - Marcel H. (Oct 02, 2015)

"Doommabbestia - Doom 'n' Heavy Psych Webzine"

“Una band che non ha nulla da invidiare a tante realtà straniere ben più blasonate.” - Emiliano Witchcraft Sammarco (Oct 02, 2015)


“[T]he band have really captured a sound well, utilising their own influences into the mix of well known idols from history. It certainly feels like something we’ve heard before, but adorned with fuzzy jewels of rock past, so if you’re fans of Dio, Ozzy, Clutch, Kyuss and those damn dirty Desert Sessions this release will most certainly be up your street.” - Tomas Cummings (Sep 07, 2015)

"La Estadea"

“Los stoners italianos Slowtorch nos presentan su nuevo disco. ‘Serpente‘ es el título de su más reciente álbum de estudio, un disco de 11 pistas directas a la nuca, que sigue los patrones más corrosivos del estilo.” - Mike (Jul 26, 2015)

"The Soda Shop"

The boys are back. Slowtorch have just released a new EP called 4 Barrel Retribution. Those that like hard and heavy hitting Italian rock with massive riffs and in your face vocals are going to love this one.

The EP has 4 tracks. “La Vaja” is, as the band states “A statement on the band’ style: massive riffs that never drift.” It’s an intensive driven song. “27” is a song written by fallen musicians who have passed way before their time. The band doesn’t mention any names, musicians such as Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin come to mind. “10.000 Tons” and “Lords of Tomorrow” is both a “declaration of protest” and “the attack in its wake.”

I’m not going to lie, this is a strong EP well worth it’s weight in gold. It’ll kick you ass up and down, left and right. There is a hidden track to add some bang to your buck although the song is a bit different sounding then the rest, but it’s good no worries. I’ll leave it up to you to hear it. You can get the CD or digital download through CDBaby.Go, get it today! - Bill Goodman (Aug 09, 2011)


“Diese 2004 gegründeten Italiener spielen mal völlig Landesuntypischen Sound, nämlich Stoner Rock! Und der prescht fett aus den Boxen auf ihrer neuen EP, die leider nur magere 4 Songs enthält. Die allerdings fixen den Hörer so gut an, dass er doch gerne ein ganzes Album hören würde! Der im Info angegebene Mix aus BLACK SABBATH, KYUSS, CLUTCH und BLACK LABEL SOCIETY passt ganz gut, man kann noch einen kleinen Schuß ALICE IN CHAINS hinzufügen, der vor allem beim treibenden "27" positiv hervortritt, aber auch beim Opener "La Vaja" oder beim metallischen (C.O.C./ DOWN!) "10.000 Tons" schön mittönt. Geiles, schweres Riffing, wuchtiges Schlagzeug mit pumpendem Bass und darüber rauer Gesang, der mal richtig aggressiv oder auch mal clean melodisch kann bei Bedarf. Neusänger Matteo Meloni ist ein richtig guter, sehr variabel und angenehm hörbar. Richtig fett Metal-bratig raucht der letzte Burner "Lords of Tomorrow", da dürfen auch Fans von MUSTASCH oder MOTORJESUS zu abhotten!” - Moses (Jul 28, 2011)


“Σειρά παίρνουν οι Ιταλοί stoner ροκάδες Slowtorch. Συμπαγής ήχος και άριστες εκτελέσεις. Ριφάκια που θα ζήλευαν οι Kyuss και οι πρώιμοι Clutch.” - Apóstolos Tolíkas (Jun 07, 2011)


“Slowtorch expand on their strong influences from the likes of Kyuss, QOTSA and Clutch with some Black Label Society and Black Sabbath thrown in for good measure. The eerie intro quickly makes way for Meloni's catchy vocals which are, at times, as rough and raspy as if he's just walked through a sandstorm in the Sahara, whilst Bassi pumps out the solid, fret burning groove on the axe. This is not for the fainthearted; Slowtorch drills deep through the ribs with their 4-barrel and will bleed your heart out.” - Adrian Grobbelaar (May 28, 2011)

"Loucifer Speaks"

“Slowtorch cite their influences as bands like Kyuss and Sabbath, but this EP shows that they are so much more than that. Slowtorch are a stoner rock juggernaut that’s set to annihilate anything that stands in its path.” - Lou Yardley (May 03, 2011)

"Über Röck"

“Slowtorch cite, pretty much, the usual suspects as musical influences for a band of their ilk - Sabbath, Kyuss, Clutch - yet, once the shrink wrap is torn off and the cool-as artwork is perused, the sound that this excellent disc is emitting is anything but the sonic standard that you half expect to hear given the affection afforded the aforementioned outfits. While the guitars are set to stun - as if we'd accept anything less - there are also swathes of melody coursing throughout this release. The obvious comparison would be of an Alice In Chains variety - the hook of great second track '27' for example - but I actually hear more of some of the more metallic-edged bands who rode on the coattails of grunge; Gruntruck and My Sister's Machine come to mind at times. The difference between Slowtorch and more generic stoner bands is frontman Matteo Meloni, who joined the band last year, whose gravel-gargling vocals, at times, remind me of Warrior Soul main man Kory Clarke.” - Gaz E (Apr 22, 2011)



4-Barrel Retribution (RIFF Records, 2011)

From Radiation They Came (2009)

Adding Fuel To Fire (Blindness Records, 2007)



Italian heavy rockers SLOWTORCH deliver their barrage of driving riffs, pounding drums, throbbing bass lines and roaring vocals with a straightforward, no-bullshit attitude, effortlessly blending 70s rock and blues into their gritty metal.

Think Clutch meets Black Sabbath meets Corrosion of Conformity.

SLOWTORCH have played shows all over Europe and the UK, sharing the stage with Orange Goblin, Mondo Generator, Karma To Burn, Fatso Jetson and Volbeat, among many others.

SERPENTE, the band's latest release is currently available on all major online platforms.

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