Slow To Surface

Slow To Surface


When I first saw slow to surface, I was won over by their live act more so than any band I have seen since the first time I saw At The Drive In. Their live show is positively enthralling. Their live show must be seen to be believed- Mat Diablo, Music Director KRZQ Reno


In a world where commercial music meets artistic integrity, Slow To Surface is a cinematically styled rock group packed full of passion and vigor. Every song is reminiscent of a great indie film with intriguing storylines and honest performances. Lyrics written about the triumphs and struggles of interpersonal connections, that invokes the human spirit. As a unique character, the music creates a mood and scenery for the lyrical narrative.

Take a moment to sit, listen, and relax as you emotionally interact with the driving force that is Slow To Surface.

-Our first E.P. entitled An Effort in the Deconstruction of the Struggle, was released in January of 2002. It has sold over 2000 copies through local retailers, websites and live performances. It received rave reviews from numerous websites and weekly periodicals and was selected as “Album of the month” by on February 2002.

-The effort E.P. was added to specialty radio (new music shows) nationwide on more than 20 stations and charted as high as 13th, according to’s modern rock chart.

- MTV Real World Key West used slow to surface song "the Familiar"

-Our recordings have been included on the soundtrack for the TV show MTV Undressed, the Carey Hart Motorcross video, and the compilation CD. voted STS singer Benwood, best singer and best poet of Las Vegas.

-Lowdown Magazine featured STS as #26 of the top 40 unsigned bands in the country. ranked Slow To Surface’s song, “in the same vein as envy” 8th out of 2209 bands in total downloads and 12th overall for page views for more than 4 weeks starting in June 2001.’s band of the month for April 2001, March 2003, and Dec. 2004

-Multiple selections for “track of the week”, by,, and



Written By: Benwood

Get a life get a rhythm bottled up way to long. Share a breath for a minute and find someone. Paralyzed cause you want it so you pull it off right on cue. All caught up in the moment, "I waited there for you"
Got a line I've been saving, it's perfect for what we've been through.
It took while to seem timid. My wasted moves.
So I'm crawling up next to you, sort of like it's proof
But I don't wanna be next to you, this wasn't meant for you.

Set it up find a safe place and wait it out. Why not, let her off with a clean break instead of doubt.
You sure didn't like that letter; it could have been the place and time.
I swear I didn't write that letter, but it's been handed down line.

So I've been a bit hard to read but you still believe, that your gonna get through to me.
All these things I've got to do, to get away from you.
Turns out that I've got to say, this was never, never meant for you.

Kinda like the way this started, the second parts the hardest.
I can get it, you can get it, we can pull it off and then.
Hold our own cause I'm not going, I'm just nervous waking next to you.

unsowing our oats

Written By: Benwood

Here comes the day, lookin like it's more of the same. Should have been where I'm at about seven years back, but I'm makin my way.
What's with the shame. I'm talented but don't got a name. Was it my time to be on the wrong side of me, well I've, I've been here before.

Signs fill the air, advertising life without care, but the lights don't reflect open holes that are left after giving your share.
I'm wasted again in Reno and I ran into my old friends, can I make them believe that I've almost achieved half the lives that I've said.

What will they say if i don't find a way to eventually get where I'm going.
The plots and the schemes piled up like dead leaves and I just need the wind to start blowing.
Well I had the greatest time then; yeah I had the greatest time of them all.

Stuck on hold but Ive got to know, life unfolds for the best I'm told, but what if mine never does.

Guess it's ok, I’m terrified of not makin waves.
Could have been who I was if I knew who that was then I'd be him again.

Headlights Counting Dashes

Written By: Benwood

The patterns just been made I’d change but it’s too late
I guess I’ll just remain every bit the same
Careless as I sway your trust to entertain
If I’m not in the lead I’d rather not compete

Polished egos add to atmosphere
What’s expected tends to interfere

I almost found the strength to work through
All those little steps that lead to
What it is that we intend
Sure I could have done the right thing
Swear that never was the real me
But it is what it is

I wish we could forget the last thing that you said
And maybe just pretend that some things never end

I pointed at you because I’m insecure
It’s easier to leave than be ignored


Said things that meant things
And we cannot erase them this time
Said things that meant things
And we cannot erase them this time time time

I don’t even recognize this ridiculous mess I seem
To always get myself in constantly replaying the same


EP- "An Effort In The Deconstruction Of The Struggle" 2002
EP- "The Interruption" 2004
all available on itunes

Set List

Sets range from 30min to 1hr 15mins. Around 8 to 15 songs. Sometimes includes acoustic versions of our songs depending on the enviroment.