Slow To Wake

Slow To Wake


We are an all-instrumental band heavily influenced by film scores and post-rock, it's structured but within that structure there is a lot of improvisation happening. Our goal is to combine elements that are usually at odds with each other: acoustic/electronic, analog/digital, harsh/soothing, etc.


Steeped in Spaghetti Westerns and Kurosawa flicks, Slow To Wake conjure images of grainy 60s film through the use of instrumental rock, other-worldly jazz & ambient soundscapes. They shamelessly juxtapose lush strings & digital electronics to provide a modern soundtrack to pristine beauty and urban decay (and sometimes pristine decay and urban beauty). The band was formed in 2005 in Brooklyn, NY with the basic concept of combining elements that usually seem to be at odds with each other: organic and digital, acoustic and electronic, soothing and harsh, light and dark. The result is a cinematic style of music that comprises many eclectic styles and song forms.


Slow To Wake (self-titled debut CD)

Set List

Pollen Path
Il Grande Silenzio
A Stone Path Into The Rain
Opus Noctis
Conegna Delle Armi
Our Lady Of...

right now our covers consist of Ennio Morricone compositions and Boards Of Canada
usually the sets are around 60 min.