Our music consists of different types of sounds anywhere from Alternative Rock to Aggressive Rock to Old School Punk, every song is different and has it's own identity.


We are 2 brothers and 2 friends, it took us a while to find our image and sound, we dont rely to sound like any other band. Everything got started when we all got cheap instruments and started pounding on them.


All our music is original, we had a couple of songs played on the radio including the City of Guadalajara, Mazatlan and Mexico City and we have tour in some Cities, in some States.

Set List

normally about 3 to 4 minutes long.
1) Firwe normally play a list of 8 to 10 songs, songs are me
2) El Toro
3) My Town
4) Birthday Song
5) Hero
6) One Man Buys
7) Kids
8) Escaped Holiday
9) Atrapado
10) Cracker Jack
We can do a set from Alternative to Old School Punk Rock Music.