Sludge Factory

Sludge Factory


Four piece hard rock band from Indianapolis with an energy packed show and always looking to write the next big hit.


The strongest part about Sludge Factory is our chemistry. When new song ideas are introduced, we all seem to know how they should sound and in which direction they should go. Not only does each band member want to write and perform at the highest level individually, but we want to create a very powerful, catchy sound together. A sound that is definitely radio playable, whether it's a strong, heavy song or a slower, more melodic tune.


Sludge Factory recently finished a four song demo entitled "Elevate". The songs included are Elevate, Riot U, Superfly, and Boneface. They are an example of our high energy songs. We also have a slower, more melodic side that we look forward to recording. We wanted to have a demo that was very powerful and energetic, with a good variety of vocal styles, melodies, and harmonies.

Set List

We usually play a 45-60 minute set. The order of the songs varies from show to show. Here is a partial list of songs: Elevate, Riot U, Superfly, Boneface, Pusher, Drag Me Down, No Good, Deep, Drown, and Say. We do not include covers in our set.