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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop





One-half of The Dads, Shaggy Rogers, is a Philadelphia native living life in Pittsburgh. With Old School Hip Hop influencing every step of the way, Shaggy has created his own unique sound. He worked years to perfect his flow, tone, and vibe. His content comes to him over time, through real life experiences, journeys, epiphanies, and realizations. He claims to be an Emcee not a rapper, and says “yes there is a difference!”

You know what makes normally gets my blood running? When you talk about an artist who makes a groundbreaking album and the people around you tone in an arrogant way, as if to say, “If it ain’t in the charts, then it ain’t nothing”. I don’t think I’ll ever understand all this genre-limiting crap, which says that you can’t do this or you can’t do that in a hip hop record. Or maybe people who go “Hey dude, you’re white, what you doing performing or listening to hiphop music.” Music is music end of story!

It makes a difference when someone with the creativity in terms of musical rhythms, beats, lyrics and ability like Shaggy Rogers comes along and conveys his thoughts in such an unpretentious and natural way that is decidedly lacking in music, in the hiphop world.

Emcee Rogers seems to be spawned from a bloodline of a great hip-hop dynasty. He tells his tales sketching lyrics so visual, you’ll think you’re watching a rented video, not listening to a digital music album. Rogers’ punch lines are sharp, while his flow is sagacious and nimble, and his musical abilities are fine tuned.

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About Mind, Shaggy’s 2nd album, is the perfect showcase of those qualities and after listening, you quickly gather that no compromises were made here. The album has great continuity, as one song seems to flow into the other without seeming monotonous. Most importantly, he has the rare ability to spit knowledge without sounding corny or have the need to be in your face.

The highlights for me are when Rogers dips into “Intent (prod. By Bradata)” or the string-driven “Basket Case” as well as other memorable moments come like “Golden Era”, “The Best Act Of Them All (prod. by No Sleep)” and “M.I.A”. All throughout the beats are simply hypnotic. Soulful, understated and laid back, with classic piano-driven retro sounds bubbling through neo-soul rhythms, you can do anything with this kind of music. Make love, cruise in the car or just listen in and chill out all by yourself at midnight.

It’s really cool to hear modern hip-hop produced with a respect and appreciation of roots music and a lyrical content that goes beyond the tired cliches. Shaggy Rogers is always intelligent, and by turns humorous, cynical and uplifting. This is coupled with an infallible ability to write simple yet meaningful rhymes.

Finally, Shaggy Rogers display his innate knowledge of writing a tune that will stick in your head for quite a few days on end. Soulful and mellow, About Mind is, above all else a very fine album. It flows from beginning to end from the deep lyrics to the wide range of music he provides, proving that he is not your conventional rapper but a serious emcee! - Rick Jamm

"Shaggy Rogers – Relaxing Hip Hop For A Smoked Out Bedroom"

A relaxing Sunday is in store for the Indie Band Guru. We can’t say what scent will be wafting in the office air today but know that it will put me in a more relaxed state. The search for the soundtrack didn’t have to go far after we discovered Shaggy Rogers.

The emcee was born and raised in Philadelphia but has since relocated to the other side of Pennsylvania and settled in Pittsburgh. Shaggy has created a unique sound using old school hip hop influences mixed with soulful beats and a vocal tone that is extremely laid back. Perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. His flows seem very real as well. He says every line of every song he has written holds some sort of importance whether it’s a symbolic meaning or real life experience. Shaggy definitely experiences life through his own distinctive haze.

Shaggy Rogers is currently working on a new EP titled Moms & Dads set to drop this year. We were able to get a listen to some of the new songs he is working on as well as his last underground EP Grass Roots. His introduction through songs such as ‘Styles’ and ‘Deep’ show his love of the old school relaxed flavor. The deep 70’s soul influenced back beats create an air of leisure that will glue the listener to his comfortable seat. One of Shaggy’s newer soundcloud streams ‘Vibe Out’ continues the related aura while also sharing a flow that is full of smart and educating lyrics such as his slow drawl on ‘Madness’,“find a way out of this madness” and the rhyming flow of ‘Portrait’, “so euphoric that you can’t ignore it”. He shares his passions on this stream as well, “smoking, drinking, and making music”. This one touched me as well because I discovered the song set was on repeat for about 30 minutes. His music is full of that laid back vibe that allows time to fly by without the listener even taking notice. - Indie Band Guru


Sleepless Elite- 2016

Spacific Waters- 2016

Bomba- 2016

Radix - 2015

Because I Said So - 2015

About Mind - 2013

Grass Roots - 2012



Draco, a Philadelphia native who was a prolific motivational speaker and frugal philanthropist, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He was 23.

Draco devoted his life to principles of perseverance, self-discipline and gratitude. In high school, he was known to freestyle and write rhymes respectively.  He enrolled at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh to master the art of refined snack preparation.

Besides being a slave to the kitchen, Draco has traveled around the country and performed at numerous house parties and dive bars.

"He was a man of enormous energy who believed in putting his words into action" your mom said.

He was crowned "Dad of The Year" for the last 3 years.

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