$lum BoY Millionaire$

$lum BoY Millionaire$

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Real talk, these are two real musicians and hip hop artist of the new school and they are emboardered with amazing radio pop singles. Their records will keep every party knocking, jumpin and rocking! This aint Hollywood or Hollyhood, its good music. And they shows are off the HOOK!


NaseeR and WoMack team up to make the most explossive and ballerific groups of all times! Slum Boy Millionaires name came from the long path of paying dues and approach to the lime light. Womack born Inglewood CA and NaseeR born in Kansas city Missiouri but moved to LA at the age of fourteen. Slum Boy Millionaires , the team met in high school and the group came shortly after. Captivating audiences around the world and they are living proof that hip hop nor autotune are deceesed but alive and can make a Royal sound when the music and art is used by pro's! Click the link below take a listen for yourself.


music vid/pic vids on youtube. Doin alot of local performing, recording ect. Last show was Hermosa Beach, nailed it! Single coming soon.