Slum Peasants

Slum Peasants

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

The Slum Peasents believe it's time to go up the river to see who's tossing the peasants in the water to wash away down stream. With this in mind the Slum Peasants brings you hip hop soul. Hip hop in it's rawest form; Music for the Soul! "Grown Folx Music"


Straight from the streets of Los Angeles's notorious Skid Row (America’s homeless capital) where they have been working with the homeless for the past 4 years: Mercy Diamonds, a producer outta West Palm Beach, Florida, aka (West Nam); Barabbas a former Virgin Records artist outta of the West Indies by way of Baytown, Texas, aka little Beirut; and Detox a Puerto Rican outta the Slumz of Hawaii, comprise the group known as the Slum Peasants. The Slum Peasants’ mission includes building and protecting our communities, giving youth and young adults positive alternatives to all the negative aspects of street life. With this in mind, the peasants bring you street tales straight out of their respective slumz.

Growing up, their environment has continually reminded them of their peasants status. The Slum Peasants did not grow up with stability; most peasants have to move regularly when times get hard and they can’t afford to pay the bills: from ghetto to ghetto, slum to slum, moving laterally but rarely vertically. Most peasants have dreams of getting out of the ghetto. These peasants dream of bringing the ghetto out of its poor state, but in order to get oneself out of the condition they are in, one has to recognize and be truthful about their condition. Therefore, the Slum Peasants have decided to use their experiences as a springboard to propel themselves and others out of their hopeless state. Most are called “peasants” or “ghetto bastards” because of poverty, absentee fathers, and the lack of positive male role models, just to name a few stereotypes. Yes, the Peasants have accepted who they are, and have also recognized through various avenues that “there are peasants on every continent of the world; therefore, our family is world wide.”

The Peasants say, “It would be a beautiful day if we could see the end of poverty around the world, when no one would have to go to sleep hungry, or live with the fear of dying from Violence or Hunger.” It is with this in mind that the Peasants give you Hip Hop Soul: a brand of Hip Hop straight out the slumz. It’s out of the slumz, so it’s dirty, gritty, hard, and angry. Yet love prevails in the Peasants’ music, The Peasants’ music is straight from the soul, music that uplifts and leads the soul into its intended destiny. The Slum Peasants seek to help free all peasants in America and around the world from personal, systemic, and individual oppression. Through their music, the Peasants believe this is attainable. Don’t sleep. The Peasants are on the move. EXODUS: “moving the poor conditions out of the people; then, out of the slumz. A fatherless and widowed state is the curse of the slumz, yet the widows are the heroes of the slumz. Now children are becoming the heroes of the slumz, as they struggle to take care of each other”.
Slum Pez!

Set List

Real G's
Let It Go
Da Game
Give You a Ride