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East Orange, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

East Orange, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"According to Slumz"

According To Slumz: Everything Is Fake.

Let's Define the word Entrepreneur.
Easier - An entrepreneur, pronounced 'on-truh-pruh-nur', is someone who starts a business and is good at finding ways to make money.

Harder - Entrepreneurs are people who organize, operate, and assume the risks for starting up a business venture.
With that said, some see the glass as half full, others may see it as half empty, however; Zone ProRecording Artist Slumz (-pictured right-) is looking on how to sell it after the equation is solved.
A "Hustlers Spirit" is the only way to describe this emcee and also his flow. He is no stranger to the game, and that particular evening promoted almost everything under the sun including a company venture (not a label) under the moniker Entourage.
Written by, Max Jerome.


"MC Demo review"

"A four song demo from Slumz whose rap cadence reminds us of eminem, is the slice of hiphop we've heard all year"
-Music Connection Demo review 03/28/05 - Music connection


Slumz-Slumdrumz 2001 ( sold out)
Zone productionz Vol 1 2002 (sold out)
Zone ProductionZ Vol 2 2003 (sold out)
Zone Productionz Vol 3 2004 (sold out)
Jersey Madness (sold out)
Slumz- Promo king mixtape 2005 available upon request
Slumz- what u want (single)
Everything iz fake-2006 available anywhere online and at CDbaby
Slumz-Pale Isis 2008 (




Slumz is a very talented producer/emcee from East Orange, New Jersey. His style has matured beyond the level of most major label acts. He has a diverse wide range of lyrics going from imaginative synonyms and metaphors to touching on politics and everyday life. His intelligently worded lyrics are entertaining, yet have a depth that most emcees never reach. He has performed in front of thousands and has a dominating stage presence.

After a short educational hiatus Slumz still in his 20’s comes with his best work ever. His music is honest enough to be celebrated by the underground, yet entertaining enough for commercial listeners. Even with Keyboard tracks becoming the industry standard his sample heavy beats do not seem outdated. “Pale Isis” comes off as an original and honest album with undeniable quality. It is an easy listen from start to finish and is better than most of the Hip Hop that has been coming out. Slumz resides in Baltimore currently a University of Baltimore Student, intent on beating the odds and is on the path to getting an MBA in business.

Early Life

Slumz was born Khari Moore in Providence, Rhode Island. His Mother was a law student at Brown University and his father was Technical Writing major in Boston in the early 80’s. They were both involved in the Black Nationalist movement in there respective Universities. They had a rocky relationship and two children while struggling to reach there goals in college. Khari’s younger brother Khafree died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. With the death and Khari’s Father getting deep into hard drugs like “Crack” cocaine his Mother found it best to move back in with her Mother in East Orange, NJ.
East Orange, NJ also known as “Illtown” or “East Cipher Range” is known as the city that spawned “Naughty By Nature”. It is a troubled city on the outskirts of Newark and a short train ride from Manhattan. With rampant poverty, high crime, and gritty high rise building back drop is the perfect breeding ground for dope emcees. Even his mother had a Slick Rick record that constantly played. But at this time Slumz was a “latch-key kid” with his mother pursuing her career and his father virtually absent. He would go on to act out in school. After several test including a brain wave scan from the “Child Study Team” a conclusion was made that Khari had Attention Deficit Disorder and was put on the drug Ritalin. Khari got into many fights and was suspended and expelled from several schools. With the city’s crime rate rising Khari’s Mother decided to move to a more affluent area. Khari did not do well in the new environment he was expelled from within six months and moved to Boston, Massachusetts with his Father.

Teenage Years

Khari’s Father was off of drugs and was active in “Narcotics Anonymous”. Boston is a progressive city drenched in racism. The city is mostly white with the minorities segregated into subsections. Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan also known as “The Bury, Drugchester, and Murdapan were the so-called “Hoods” of “The Bean”. Khari lived with his Father in Roxbury and attended Lewis Middle. The streets of Roxbury were regulated with “warzones” and “safezones”. It was dangerous as a teenager to be in the wrong set. His Father introduced him to “Agnihotra”, (a meditation done at sunrise and sunset) vegetarianism, and different medicinal roots. But Khari did not take to it instead he took to the streets under the moniker “Raz”. At age 14 Khari was actively participating in drug dealing, robberies, promiscuity, smoking marijuana, carrying weapons, and drinking. He was arrested for armed robbery and had several run ins with the police. He was classified with “ED” (Emotionally Disturbed) and went through several social workers. He was also introduced to Hip Hop and took a class on beat making. He changed his name to “K-Sun” and started recording with a rap group called “Kenetik Venomz”. In an attempt to make money at school he purchased switchblades wholesale and started selling them in the bathroom. When he was testing them out, one slipped out his hand and sliced him on the wrist. He went to the hospital and got stitches. The next day he got in a fight with his Father about being absent at school he picked up a iron and threw it at his Father. After the fight he went in a daze everything was moving slow. He lit a match and placed on a wicker table and watched it burn with the door locked. When the fire department came and found out that he was at the hospital the day before for knife wounds to the wrist, they took him hospital for further examination.
After a tranquilizer needle and two escape attempts they decided to admit him into an institution. The hospital was filled with people that hear voices and suicidal teens. He was subject test to find what was “wrong”. He was put in a straight jacket for trying to sneak to the girls room. He was told he had brain cancer and made to stay even longer to see if he had cancer, n