Our music can be decribed as Incubus meets Sevendust. We're a band of good friends who love playing live and writing music. Our live show is energetic and we keep it fun for ourselves and our audience.


What is Slurly? Slurly is a band of musicians who love nothing more than to perform for an audience of thousands or dozens. If you're walking down Bandera Road in San Antonio, TX one evening, you're likely to hear a muffled pulsating sound coming from a grungy detached garage off the side of the road. Four guys pounding out heavy riffs in a garage is nothing new, but the members of Slurly treat it like it's an experience that is unique to them. In their dimly lit jam room, creativity and sweat yield song after inspired song. There's no fancy equipment, nobody else to hear them, aside from the occasional rat that scurries through, they play for themselves... to no audience. On stage, the four-piece explodes in a fury as they pour out the energy of their music.


Slurly is currently finishing their EP due 2009.

Set List

Slurly has a 13 song set that lasts approx. 1 hour. They can also throw in covers for an extended set length if necessary.