with the politically charged lyrics of lead singer ashley etchings, s'LUSH is an in-your-face rock band reminiscent of the early 90's grunge movement. as a band, s'LUSH makes their presence known near and far with two motives...drink some beer and kick some ass! looks like the beer's almost gone!!


s'LUSH is a conglomerate of all rock genres from death metal to progressive pop boiling down to sound reminiscent of the early 90s grunge movement.
the politically charged vocals of lead singer ashley etchings and high end guitar picking of evan whitener give it a more modern/progressive feel, leaving matt weinbergs driving bass lines and ryan goff's intensity on drums to complete the full circle of a young, talented band with promise.
with the social awareness and individuality that s'LUSH proposes, you are sure to have an undeniable urge to think independently and stand up to be heard after a performance.
s'LUSH began on the living room floor at 336 redondo in long beach and soon gained momentum after their first show. now rounding off their first year, s'LUSH has gathered a good following with a buzz circulating the long beach area.
long beach is back bitches!


violence soothes (2007)

Set List

violence soothes
turkish gold
21 (fuck You)
death by survival
horizon lines and vanishing points
new generation
act out
casino pet